Romney says No – Who Should Be Next to Drop Out

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Palin_rollingthunder_052911Thank goodness that Mitt Romney announced today he won’t be running for president in 2016. The only thing he would have done is take money from others who are running. We have some thoughts on who should drop out next. Who we pick (in red font below) may surprise you!

There are at least 32 names (let us know if you think we are missing anyone) that have been tossed around as possible 2016 GOP Presidential candidates.

1. Gov. Scott Walker – our favorite right now

2. Sen. Ted Cruz – as a senator, his chances decrease. Love the guy, perhaps a VP?
3. Gov. Rick Perry – we’ll have to see if he runs a better campaign this time
4. Sen. Rick Santorum – longshot. Establishment GOP still mad he stuck in the race against Romney so long. Would need early money and early wins.
5. Gov. Susana Martinez
6. Gov. Mike Pence would be a strong candidate
7. Gov. John Kasich would be a good president, but perhaps not a great candidate.
8. Rep. Trey Gowdy would be awesome. The GOP seems to have assigned him, however, to the role of Hillary smasher this time around.
9. Sen. Marco Rubio could be a good candidate, but another senator and they usually don’t get far.
10. Gov. Sarah Palin would be a good leader, not sure she wants to go through all of this again. She should announce early that she is not running to get rid of any rumors and release money that would have gone to her so it can help others.
11. Rep. Paul Ryannot running. A good choice.
12. Gov. Bobby Jindal should stay in the mix for now
13. Gov. Nikki Haley could be a good candidate.
14. Gov. Jeb Bush – This is the Karl Rove-Bush wing of the party that wants to join with democrats to destroy the Tea Party Conservatives. The last thing we need is another Bush… or another Clinton! He should drop out.
15. Sen. Rand Paul – His candidacy will not succeed. He says some things right and other things make it sound like he is an alien. He could leave now.
16. Dr. Benjamin Carson – This one will make some of my conservative pals mad. However, a big beef with Obama was that he had no experience doing anything. While Carson has plenty of brilliant medical experience, he has no experience in governing. We have seen the things that can go wrong with an inexperienced candidate and I’m just not sure the time is now for Dr. Carson. A good VP perhaps. He could announce he is willing to be the VP for a strong Conservative American candidate.
17. Sen. Kelly Ayotte – Probably not much chance. Not sure she needs to make an announcement.
18. Gov. Mary Fallin – A female Governor to challenge Hillary. From a strong Conservative state. It would be okay for her to run.
19. Gov. Mitt Romney not running. Thank you!
20. Gov. Sam Brownback
21. Rep. Peter King
22. Rep. J.C. Watts won’t be running, a good VP choice?
23. Lt. Col. & Rep. Allen West won’t be running, a good VP choice?
24. Donald Trump - he should skip the whole thing where he wastes our time pretending he might run if no one better shows up. He could stay out this time.
25. Gov Bob McDonnel may wish to run. Would likely not get far.
26. Gov Jan Brewer may have some ambition, but likely will not get far.
27. Sen Tim Scott – another senator with the stats against him.
28. Sen John Thune – (see Tim Scott)
29. Rep. Michele Bachmann won’t run and doesn’t want her husband trashed again by the lamestream press.
30. Rep. Newt Gingrich Please God, have Newt stay out of the race.
31. Gov. Mike Huckabee He wants it so bad. No one wants a guitar playing pretend-conservative. He should have kept his show on Fox. Also his health can’t be good with all of the weight he has put on. He should leave now.
32. Gov. Chris Christie is a democrat in the eyes of Conservative Americans. He would be John McCain with a foul mouth. He will run. He should not run. We won’t win if Christie gets the nomination.

Rush Agrees: Walker is a Winner

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

walker_media_100For months now, ConservativeAmerican.org has listed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the number one choice for conservatives when it comes to 2016 Presidential candidates. Rush Limbaugh has always spoken in a positive manner about Conservative American Walker and the Governor’s speech in Iowa only boosted his standing. Limbaugh has not endorsed Walker but is speaking positively about him on the national stage of his influential radio show.

Walker lost a few points in his home state over the last week because he just rejected a plan for one of the local native American tribes to build a giant Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Racine. Walker says the pact signed by former democrat Governor Jim Doyle with the Potowatomi Indians prohibits him from okaying the new casino and the thousands of jobs that go with it. Others disagree and this week a bipartisan group of state legislators asked Walker to reconsider. He promptly indicated he would not.

We grant you that turning down these jobs was an odd move for Walker, but we do believe walker is with Conservative Americans far more often than not and is an exciting candidate who can win. Walker is one of the rare politicians who actually proposes big and bold change and then makes it happen. Walker has the guts to do things and has succeeded despite having the full force of the socialist labor unions and democrat lamestream media against him. That’s the kind of national leadership we need.

We’re glad Limbaugh agrees that Walker’s candidacy is worth taking a hard look at. Others in our Conservative American ranking of more than 30 potential GOP 2016 candidates include Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Blizzard Panic – Cable News Frenzy

The cable news shows are just plain funny tonight. OMG! There might be a huge blizzard, so the politicians jump in and close everything and make it illegal to move in New York City! Then the news guys come back on and say, woops, maybe it really won’t snow that much in New York City. Might go to a different area and might not be so bad.

Then Shep on Fox News says “The politicians will have some explaining to do!’ Say WHAT? You mean the cable news guys like you, Shep, who created the frenzy will have some explaining to do.

They’re expecting 2 to 3-feet of snow. Or maybe 2 to 3″. The weather lady comes on and says Gosh, she has such a hard job. It’s just plain not possible, she explains, to predict snowfall totals. Then in the next breath says with a straight face that they know for sure the snow will fall 3 to 4″ per hour overnight.

I’m sorry, but I’m from Wisconsin and watching the wimpy East Coast newscasters panic over something that hasn’t even happened is funny. They go to a reporter on the scene who says its 30-some degrees out (that’s called a nice day in January in Wisconsin) but OMG! with the windchill it feels like only 12 degrees. Last year we had actual temperatures of 20 and 30 degrees below zero and we lived.

The level of excitement and panic before anything has even happened is… oh, what’s that word the President loves so much?… oh yeah, it’s ‘unprecedented.’ Continuing coverage, they call it, of the “upcoming” winter storm. How can you “cover” something that hasn’t happened?!

They’re stopping planes, trains and automobiles in advance of anything happening based on certain forecasts that the forecasters say are impossible to be certain.

Ah but stay tuned, the Epic Blizzard of a lifetime continues live throughout the night, brought to you in part by [insert local cable tv ad here].

Put some coats on, drive slower, and relax. We’ll actually get through this.

Does Pope Francis Understand Free Speech?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

The new socialist-loving Pope recently demonstrated what appeared to be a lack of understanding of freedom of speech. Pope Francis was speaking about the Islamist terror attack on Charlie Hebdo, that French magazine no one read until after the attack.

”It’s normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”

RedState.com points out the Pope went on to clarify. “He wasn’t saying it was perfectly normal to shoot people.” While the Pope condemned the violence of the Islamist terror attack, he was clearly not defending the magazine’s decisions to make fun of the faith of others.

The Holy Father has demonstrated his willingness to blast capitalism and democracy while praising failed socialism. Now he seems to be saying he is for free speech but only if that speech is not offensive to him or to the religion of others. Uhm… your Holiness, sir… that’s NOT free speech!

I get the whole you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater limit to free speech, but the Pope has seemingly gone much further here. He called those who make fun of religion “provocateurs” and said “There is a limit” to free speech.

He gave an example saying if a staffer of his used a curse word against the Pope’s mother, he could expect to get punched. So much for that whole ‘turn the other cheek’ thing, I guess.

This Pope has done some wonderful things and appears to be shaking up the top brass in the Church, something that was perhaps needed. However, he and his pal, President Barack Obama, are in the same camp when it comes to thinking the capitalist USA is the ‘bad guy.’ That side of him, I could live without.

Is Paul Ryan the New Al Gore?!

Remember back in late 2000 after the voters picked George W. Bush over Vice President Al Gore? Al sort of lost what little of his mind was left. He went off in the woods, grew a beard, discovered global warming and decided to divorce his wife.

ryan beard

Soooo, what’s going on with former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan? This Conservative American congressman was Mitt’s running mate in 2012. With Mitt jumping back in the race for 2016, Ryan has announced he’s not running for president.

Now Ryan has run off into the woods and added a beard? Hmmmm.

Obama Blows Off France Again by Releasing Terrorists to Conduct Next Attack!

Photo from Politico Click2Visit

Photo from Politico Click2Visit

President Barack Hussein Obama blew off France the other day so he could watch the Dallas Cowboys lose to Green Bay on TV. Now, he’s done it again. This time he freed some terrorists and sent them to Yemen, the base claiming credit for the terror attack in France. This will help Al Quaeda to conduct its next attack on France. Thanks, Obama.

The president continues his nonsensical release of dangerous terrorists from the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He’s hell-bent on setting these terrorists free. His desire to set them free is tied to his victim mentality foreign policy. The President will always take the side of those who he sees as the victims. Muslims, in his eyes, cannot be oppressors. He views them as victims of white, United States, oppression… the same way he views himself.

This President is a bad person who is doing great damage to our nation.

I guess with the terrorists in France dying, the President figured he needed to make things ‘fair’ by restaffing the Al Qaeda Yemen office with this prisoner release.

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