Cruz can win in New Hampshire

After republicans gave the first-ever presidential caucus win to a Hispanic American, Ted Cruz, New Hampshire voters may follow suit.

While Donald Trumpertantrum continues to cry like a baby over his Iowa loss, he looks more and more like a hot head two-year-old. That won’t help him in New Hampshire. New polls show his lead narrowing.

So as voters consider Cruz or Marco bronze Rubio, they have to know that Rubio is the compromiser who backed amnesty with the democrats. That makes Conservative American Cruz a stronger option and gives him a shot at being the first Hispanic president!

Bush Spent $8,600 per vote!

Jeb Bush tossed $15 million bucks at Iowa because Karl Rove told him he could win. So what did that get him? 1,700 votes.

Check my math, but that amounts to nearly $8,600 per vote.

While he won’t do it, it’s time for Jeb to drop out.

Iowa to Trump: “You’re fired!”

Iowa voters trumped the Donald by dealing a victory to Conservative champion Ted Cruz of Texas. I wonder how Donald and his ego will take this blow?

Trump still is poised to win New Hampshire but the Cruz victory over the loser Trump will give Cruz a boost heading into the next state.

Anyone think Donald will insult Iowans tomorrow?

Conservative American Ted Cruz Wins Iowa!

It’s a wonderful night for Conservative Americans! Ted Cruz has beaten Donald Trump in Iowa. Marco Rubio nearly beat Trump as well.

On the socialist side, Hillary is feeling the Bern with the race too close to call!

Cruz &Hillary up in early Iowa Results

With 5% of the vote in, Ted Cruz has a very narrow lead over Donald Trump in Iowa. Meanwhile, with 17% of the socialist democrat vote in, Hillary going to jail Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders.

After Iowa, Huckabee First to Drop Out

After the results are in from Iowa this week, look for Gov. Mike Huckabee to be first to drop out of the republican race. He’ll be followed closely by Jim Gilmore. Yeah, I know. Most people don’t even know he’s running.

Huckabee will also toss his support quickly to Donald Trump in a cheap bid to become Vice President. No one cares who Gilmore supports.

Others who should drop out after Iowa won’t. They’ll wait until after New Hampshire and South Carolina. From that group, few will want to endorse Ted Cruz who likes to brag about having few Washington friends. Most will head toward the McCain-Romney losing wing of the GOP with endorsements of Rubio or Jeb Bush.

It certainly will be an interesting few weeks!

Iowa Surprise: Rubio

If there’s a surprise winner in Iowa tomorrow night, it will be a win by Senator Marco Rubio. As much as I love Conservative American Ted Cruz, his humor in the last debate was too dry and didn’t go over well with the audience.

I’d love for Cruz to win, but he could come in third behind Rubio and Donald Trump.

Rubio’s plan is to peak at just the right time and he may have done it.

The Republicans ‘ABC’ Attack on Ted Cruz

By Peter Andrew

So the dying republican party has decided it needs to eliminate Conservative Americans once and for all. It has even created a strategy that Lester Holt over at NBC says is named the “ABC” plan: Anybody But Cruz!

Anybody but Cruz? ABC? Give me a break. The Bush-Rubio wing of the party hates Donald Trump, but apparently not quite as much as it hates Ted Cruz. Trump is a fool if he thinks they will leave him alone after destroying Cruz.

They like their little ABC slogan. How about these?

America’s Best: Cruz
America Believes in Cruz
America Backs Cruz
Always Better with Cruz

I’m sure you can come up with your own and add a comment.

Was Palin Drunk?

By Peter Andrew

Was Sarah Palin intoxicated when she gave her “I love Donald” speech? Did anyone else notice how she kept losing her place? Now, any of you who know me, know that I was Sarah Palin’s biggest defender in 2007 and 2008. I even ran the only official Sarah Palin fan club. But she was simply off her game when she endorsed The Donald.

At one point, she looked back down at her notes and repeated the same line she had just read. For a lady who makes fun of President Obama and his need for a teleprompter, she sure could have used one herself the other night.

And there was something about her voice that was different too. Her one-liners didn’t get the great response she is used to. Her laughter seemed more like an annoying cackle. All in all it was just a very odd sight.

I’m not surprised by the endorsement. Palin considers herself somewhat post-party, that is to say she is less concerned about being called a democrat or a republican and more concerned about being right. Sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

For her next speech, maybe she could rehearse a bit more.

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