Republican Field Getting Smaller

Carly Fiorina is putting her campaign on hold today after a poor showing in New Hampshire and reports are that Chris HugObama Christie will do the same.

William Whalen has a great piece at Foxy Blondes News today where he suggests only 5 republicans still have a shot; Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Breck girl Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Kasich however, has little money and not much ground game in the coming states. I think his campaign is bound to go the route of those before him who also made the mistake of betting it all on New Hampshire. I predict Kasich will be a one-hit wonder and fade quickly after South Carolina.

With the stronger than expected showing of Jeb Bush, and Rubio’s poor debate performance, Marco’s efforts may be short-lived as well. His momentum is in reverse, never a good thing!

So, I ‘d cut Whalen’s list to three leaving Trump, Conservative American Ted Cruz and republicrat Jeb Bush remaining. The fact there are three or five dividing the non-Trump vote may result in Trump being unstoppable.

Rubio is the New ‘Breck Girl’ Candidate

Marco Rubio Breck Girl

The only thing more canned and rehearsed than Marco Rubio’s words is his hair! Once it was demo-slime John Edwards (who was cheating on his dying wife) who was the Breck Girl candidate. This time around it’s Marco Rubio!

John Edwards was the first Breck Girl candidate according to Rush Limbaugh

John Edwards was the first Breck Girl candidate according to Rush Limbaugh

Palin & Santorum Disappointing

Sarah Palin, once the Rosie the Riveter of the Conservative American movement, is now a Donald Trump “employee.” She campaigns for a nice title and a high paying job in a Trump administration. I guess TV stars stuck together. It’s disappointing to say the least.

Then Rick Santorum, who I supported 4 years ago, dumped Conservatives too announcing he’d like a job in a possible Rubio-McCain-Romney administration.

Both should have stuck to their values and beliefs and both should have endorsed Ted Cruz.

Cruz Not Really Hispanic

I can’t wait until the liberal PC left announces that Conservative American Ted Cruz isn’t really, authentically, truly Hispanic!

You know it will happen. They’ll say he doesn’t look like a Hispanic. They’ll say he’s only half-Hispanic and that doesn’t count. The New York Times may even call him ( don’t hold your breath) a “white-Hispanic!”

Of course none of these hypocrites on the left have any problem calling Barack Hussein Obama “black.” They have conveniently ignored his white mother and white grandparents. They will move hell and earth to get Obama on Mt. Rushmore. If Cruz wins, there will be no such effort to even recognize him as a minority.

Cruz can win in New Hampshire

After republicans gave the first-ever presidential caucus win to a Hispanic American, Ted Cruz, New Hampshire voters may follow suit.

While Donald Trumpertantrum continues to cry like a baby over his Iowa loss, he looks more and more like a hot head two-year-old. That won’t help him in New Hampshire. New polls show his lead narrowing.

So as voters consider Cruz or Marco bronze Rubio, they have to know that Rubio is the compromiser who backed amnesty with the democrats. That makes Conservative American Cruz a stronger option and gives him a shot at being the first Hispanic president!

Bush Spent $8,600 per vote!

Jeb Bush tossed $15 million bucks at Iowa because Karl Rove told him he could win. So what did that get him? 1,700 votes.

Check my math, but that amounts to nearly $8,600 per vote.

While he won’t do it, it’s time for Jeb to drop out.

Iowa to Trump: “You’re fired!”

Iowa voters trumped the Donald by dealing a victory to Conservative champion Ted Cruz of Texas. I wonder how Donald and his ego will take this blow?

Trump still is poised to win New Hampshire but the Cruz victory over the loser Trump will give Cruz a boost heading into the next state.

Anyone think Donald will insult Iowans tomorrow?

Conservative American Ted Cruz Wins Iowa!

It’s a wonderful night for Conservative Americans! Ted Cruz has beaten Donald Trump in Iowa. Marco Rubio nearly beat Trump as well.

On the socialist side, Hillary is feeling the Bern with the race too close to call!

Cruz &Hillary up in early Iowa Results

With 5% of the vote in, Ted Cruz has a very narrow lead over Donald Trump in Iowa. Meanwhile, with 17% of the socialist democrat vote in, Hillary going to jail Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders.

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