But Kerry DOES Favor Hamas & is a Walking ‘Misinformation Campaign’

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

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Barack Obama & John Kerry – Weak & Weaker

So let me get this right. Team Obama is upset with Israel because Israeli diplomats have said publicly that John Plastic Face Kerry favors Hamas?!! Susan Rice and others say Israel is conducting a ‘misinformation campaign’ against Kerry?!

On the old cartoon show, “Tennessee Tuxedo,” Tennessee would frequently say, “Now, wait a minute.” Seems appropriate here.

John Plastic Face Kerry DOES, in fact, favor Hamas in its dispute with Israel. That’s the truth.

Before Barack Hussein Obama became a candidate for President of the United States, he was pals with a terrorist supporter of the PLO named Rashid Khalidi. From the Official Obama Administrations Scandals List way back in 2009…

“Obama Terrorist Scandal #2- Rashid Khalidi – Another terrorist friend, Khalidi was an advisor to the PLO. Obama dined with him, served on a board with him, and Khalidi held fundraisers for Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr. promised one audience that the Jewish influence on American foreign policy would soon come to an end with an Obama victory.”

We knew any Obama administration would be anti-Israel before Obama was even elected in 2008 (or 2012). This is not news, nor is it a surprise. Israeli leaders have simply stated the truth here. That truth has apparently hit a bit too close to home for Obama and his anti-Israeli pals. Seems to have pissed off some hot heads in Washington!

Well, how would you like to be Israel? That nation is constantly being told what to do by the USA. And the “what to do” is consistently (and not just from the current President) to sit down, calm down and back down. Why in the hell should they?! For decades Israel has given in to this international pressure, even allowing self-governance in Gaza. And to what end? This has been a permanent disaster, just as it was planned to be.

We have no right to tell Israel to just keep taking it… to just stand by and let Hamas lob rockets at them all day, every day, all month, all year, year after year. We would never stand for such nonsense. Nor should the people of Israel. They are right to stand up and blast the plastic-faced Kerry for his plastic, pre-molded response to the situation.

Instead of siding with our friend and ally, Israel, team Obama uses its victim mentality foreign policy again and sees Hamas as the victim and the only side it can align with.

Now, wait a minute!

Now, wait a minute!

And “Misinformation?!” John Kerry invented misinformation by lying for decades about the Viet Nam war in order to gain his own fame and power. Now he has the audacity to claim others are spreading misinformation about him?! Forgive me for laughing when Tennessee Tuxedo gets Mr. Whoopee and his magic blackboard to spell “Hypocrite.”

Obama Cries Wolf from Golf Course, Russia Advances

“OMG! I can’t believe the Obama Administration thinks any nation takes it seriously anymore!” – That’s what we wrote February 27th.

Remember all those threats Obama tossed at Russian President Vladimir Putin over the situation in the Ukraine? No one took them seriously. Today, it looks like Russia, or at least Russian separtists in the Ukraine, may have accidentally shot down a passenger plane with 295 people on board. So much for Obama’s tough-guy sanctions!

President Obama continues to cry wolf, no doubt from somewhere on the 11th hole of a golf course.

President Obama again promising non-existent consequences

The Obama Who Cried Wolf

Back in February, former Vietnam liar, John Plastic Face Kerry — who got promoted to Secretary of State as a reward for his lies — said Russia better not get involved in the Ukraine or else!

Really? OR ELSE WHAT?!

You mean Team Obama might really, really, really do something this time?! Yeah right. No one believed it then. And I, for one, don’t believe it now. The U.S. will make some noise and blow some smoke, but will basically do absolutely nothing… again.

From our even earlier post way back on February 19th…

The headline at ABCDEmocrat news today is “Obama Threatens Consequences for Violence in Ukraine!”

Yawn. We’ve heard that lie beforefrom the ‘President who Cries Consequences.’ The Obama foreign policy is a joke.

North Korea was testing missiles. Obama told them to stop or there would be consequences. Hillary joined in on the threat. Empty threat. North Korea kept doing it. No consequences.

From our post in May of 2010:

Now she [Hillary Clinton] is promising “severe consequences” for Pakistan if there ever is a successful terror attack connected to their nation.

Let’s see… “severe consequences,”… hmmmm. That sounds familiar.

You mean like the severe consequences she promised for Iran if they didn’t comply with nuclear program UN resolutions?! Wasn’t the deadline back in January? So far those severe consequences have been President Obama writing personal letters to their terrorist thug of a leader. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Scaaaaaaaaaaary!

Or there were the “severe consequences” Hillary and Barack promised for North Korea. Remember those? If they tested another missile, we were going to get severe with them!!! The only severe consequence they received as a visit from Billy Bob Clinton who swooped in for photos and a long plane ride alone with not one, but two interns.

Gosh, what will the scary “severe consequences” be this time? Another UN resolution?

Oh, and what about that, uhm… what was it? a blue line, a silver line?… Oh! What about that Red Line Obama promise? If Syria used chemical weapons on its own people, there would be severe consequences. Nope. Nothing.

President Obama is a complete foreign policy failure. The United States has gone from being a force to be feared under George W. Bush to a laughingstock that takes advice from Vladimir Putin (Syria) on foreign policy.

Time to End Gaza Experiment

How many times has Israel tried peace with the Palestinians in the Gaza strip? The same number of times it has failed. And, the same number of times the U.S. has no doubt urged Israel to exercise restraint.

Well, now it’s time to end the self-governance game played by the Palestinians. Israel invaded Gaza today with ground forces and deserves our support. They tried peace. There will never be and can never be peace with an enemy that only will accept your demise. The rest of the world needs to quit telling Israel to calm down.

Gaza and the West Bank are a part of Israel and should be governed as such. Those who don’t like that, should leave.

Let the Islamists Destroy Each Other

The United States has a unique opportunity right now to help the Islamists destroy each other.

The Sunni Islamists taking over parts of Syria and Iraq have even been destorying Muslim Mosques. In an attempt to destroy the Shia Islamists, they are purposely wiping out sites the Shia view as holy and, as Fox News reports, they have even threatened Mecca.

This infighting gives us a tremendous opportunity. The U.S. could arm both sides and help each side to destroy the other until neither is left. If these two sides are fighting, this can only be good news for the so-called Western World. The Islamists are against any Western lifestyle that allows women to be educated and respected. These people invented the war on women. So democrats should support my idea because it will help millions of women.

This ancient and doomed Islamist lifestyle is being threatened and they are blaming each other. So, here’s a thought.

It goes something like this: When the enemy of our enemy also is our enemy, we should support our enemy in its effort destroy our enemy. Follow that?

Let them fight. Help them fight. Let them wipe each other out. Good riddance.

Are we REALLY Against Terrorism?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Is this nation truly against terrorism anymore? If so, then why…

  • …do we support Hamas and Hezbollah in Palestine?
  • …did we send the Vice President to the funeral of the father of modern day terrorism, Yasser Arafat?
  • …do we provide billions in U.S. Taxpayer dollars to countries like Pakistan?
  • …would we try to be ‘just as kind’ to the terrorists in Palestine as we are to our allies in Israel?
  • …do we sit by and lose the war in Iraq, forfeiting to terrorists who will once again have a nation to call their own?
  • …do we have such a weak stomach for the living Hell that is war? We say we want to fight wars, but then we spend time to make sure civilian targets aren’t hit, women and children aren’t killed, and 24-hour cable stations don’t have any video footage that would make the administrtaion look bad? War used to mean you killed people and blew up things until you achieved complete victory over your opponent. I don’t know what it means now.

If we intend to be against terrorism, then (duh) we should be against terrorism.

That means instead of urging our best friend in the region to stay calm and not over-react to the recent killing of three Israeli teenagers, we join with them in loudly denouncing these deaths and the terrorists who are responsible. Why aren’t at least offering to support Israel’s efforts to put an end, once and for all to Hamas? They would be doing us a favor if they succeed.

Instead, we have a disinterested coward as Commander in Chief who has the Israeli Prime Minister enter the White House through the back door. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. warned us about this way back in October of 2008. From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

Obama Terrorist Scandal #2- Rashid KhalidiAnother terrorist friend, Khalidi was an advisor to the PLO. Obama dined with him, served on a board with him, and Khalidi held fundraisers for Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr. promised one audience that the Jewish influence on American foreign policy would soon come to an end with an Obama victory.

He was right. No more Jewish influence on American foreign policy. Instead, Mr. Obama sides with the terrorists he views as the real victims.

Conservative Solutions: Immigration

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While immigration is way down the list of America’s priorities, republicans in Washington, D.C. insist on moving the issue forward. Some poll they handed to Reince Priebus said the GOP lost in 2012 because they did not attract Hispanic support, so they want to do something.

Here’s some ideas…

  1. THE BORDER – In the age of the ever-present risk of terrorist attacks, the borders must be sealed and secured. If the President and Washington, D.C. won’t do it, the governors of border states should use the National Guard troops which they command to enforce what the democrat politicians like to call “the law of the land” (when it is convenient for them to do so). The first priority is the southern border with Mexico, but some attention also must be paid to the northern border with Canada.
  2. STOP PUNISHING THOSE WHO DO IT RIGHT – We have to identify the numerous ways in which our present system penalizes those who try to come to this country legally. For example, if a person comes here legally as a student, then is unable to find a job right away, they are deported. On the other hand, if they come here illegally states offer them free tuition, and they get to stay after they graduate even if they don’t have a job.
  3. START PUNISHING THOSE WHO DO IT WRONG – We are a nation of laws which our current administration chooses to ignore. The US Border Patrol should be able to fulfill its mission and carry out its duties unrestricted by the whims of President Obama. Enforce the laws. You break them, you’re out.
  4. FIGHT BACK WITH WORDS – The democrat politicians like to come up with fake words for “Illegal Alien.” They use much more pleasant sounding phrases. Conservative Americans must fight back taking every opportunity to point out the foolishness of these dishonest phrases.
  5. FIGHT BACK THROUGH THE COURTS – Citizens should take local school districts to court to demand they require proof of citizenship prior to enrollment and that an honest verification process is in place to make sure they are getting accurate information rather than falsified documents. Whey the Hell should American citizens work and pay taxes to provide free education to people who are here illegally from other nations?! No one would support that idea. Citizens should take the government to court to demand that we stop providing free healthcare and free college tuition (paid for by US Taxpayers!) to illegal aliens. Use part of the money we save to send people back to the countries they came from. It is not your responsibility, as a US Taxpayer, to pay for education, healthcare, driver’s licenses, and government benefits and services for those who have broken the law to get here.
  6. CITIZEN RIGHTS – Get a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court which clearly states that RIGHTS outlined in our Constitution are only applicable to actualy U.S. Citizens. This would mean we stop providing so-called “rights” to those who are not entitled to them, including illegal aliens and even terrorists tried in civilian courts. These terrorists are not entitled to a lawyer, the 5th Ammendment or anything else that a U.S. Citizen is, in fact, entitled to.
  7. LET PEOPLE IN LEGALLY – Adopt a clear policy on how many people we allow to legally immigrate into this nation each year and stick to it.

It is not our responsibility as Americans to be the providers for the rest of the world through our government. Americans are very generous and contribute many millions to charities to do good works all over the world. Those are free-will offerings, not taxes. That is the appropriate way for Americans to reach out and have a real impact on those in genuine need in the world. It is not appropriate to tax every American and force them to “donate” to provide education, government benefits and healthcare to illegal aliens who, by definition, are not U.S. Citizens.

5 Years Later, Americans Agree: Obama is the Worst!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Leading the way Right, we put up a post on May 9th, 2009 (five years ago!) called “Why Carter Loves Obama.”

obama worse than Carter

Carter Loves Obama

We knew then that Barack Hussein Obama would replace Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever. Our Official Obama Administration Scandals List proved that to us early in 2009. When you’re five years ahead of the curve though, not too many people notice.

Now the lefty Time Magazine headline reads, “Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, Poll Says.” The Washington Times also calls Obama the worst President ever!

Lefties at Salon even put in the headline “Worst President.” So all those Bush-hating libs now must recognize that more Americans dislike their hero than ever disliked George W. Bush!

Don’t wait for me to shed a tear. Oh, and when you want to be Leading the way Right, stop by daily!

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