How Liberals Could Lead us to WWIII

The foreign policy of Barack Hussein Muhamed Obama is so bad, we could already be witnessing the beginning of World War III. President George W. Bush warned us about what would happen if Obama pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan too early. President Obama didn’t care, he did it anyway. Everything Bush warned us about has come true.

But it is more important to President Obama to punish the United States for all of the imaginary evils he believes it has committed, all that BS piled up inside the huge chip on his shoulder. The First Muslim Lady, Queen Michelle-uh, warned us in 2007 when her muslim-educated husband won the Wisconsin primary. She admitted it was the first time she had ever, in her entire life, been proud of the USA. That should have done him in. But the media refused to do any vetting of Obama.

Contrast that today with the rectal exam reporters are giving any republican candidate that dares to get 10% or more in a poll one of them conducts. Its enough to make you sick.

How on earth did such a fringe, socialist lunatic get elected in the first place? It all goes back to liberals running the public schools for decades, instilling in the minds of children an incorrect sense of white guilt over sins hundreds of years ago committed by people most of the students were not in any way ever related to.

This white guilt grew up, listened to liberal media tell them how wonderful Obama was, and fell in love with the fairy tale that electing a half-black man to the White House would somehow end racial discord and eliminate their white guilt.

Typical for liberals, no thought is given to the consequences of their foolish behavior. This time, it might put us into World War III.

Politico-me on!

So the Hillary Clinton Super PAC website called Politico wants you to think Conservative American Ben Carson is a lying liar. Working on behalf of Team Hillary, Politico came out with a report questioning claims Carson made about being invited to attend the West Point military academy.

You see, if Carson’s a big fat liar, then he should be O-U-T of the running and out of Hillary’s path to the White House.

Did they really think this one through? We’re supposed to get rid of Carson for a lie that wasn’t a lie, but keep Hillary for hundreds of documented lies?!!

Politico is the same site that said when Hillary was caught red-handed lying about Benghazi to the faces of the family members of the victims that it was a “good week” for her.

Come on Politico, give us a break. Your Ted Cruise-defined bias is showing.

Did I Miss the Headline: Jeb Bush Drops Out of 2016 Race?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org
Leading the way Right.

Conservative American Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas

Conservative American Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas

So Jeb Bush told his pals the other day he has cooler things to do than put up with being demeaned as a candidate for President of the United States. We agree. Jeb Bush should go find some of those cooler things to do and leave the rest of us alone. That’s not the kind of comment made by someone planning to stay in the race. Perhaps I missed his press conference where he dropped out. Not sure it would surprise anyone.

Not to be outdone, the other Florida contender, part-time US Senator Marco Rubio said he doesn’t really have time to do his job as a Senator and what difference, at this point, does it make anyway because nothing they vote on will get past President Obama. So, we’re supposed to elect a guy who admits he doesn’t do his job? Rubio basically admitted that he’s not willing to fight if he doesn’t think he can win. Better just toss in the towel and give the democrats what they want instead. That’s why he’s the establishment GOP candidate. His days are numbered as well. He comes off as too rehearsed in the debates and his sincerity can now be questioned since his passion seems to be artificial.

So with the two favorite sons in the elite republicans arsenal falling by the wayside, who’s left?

Donald Trump and Conservative American Ben Carson. Trump says the right thing and is perhaps the best populist candidate the nation has seen in 50 years or more. He could win with that approach. He’s not a Conservative. Ben Carson is a Conservative American and I like him. I always have. However, after spending years blasting socialist Barack Obama, in part because of his lack of experience, it may be hard to justify electing someone to the nation’s highest office who has never held an office. Still, the nation seems to be in the mood to send the regular politicians on a fast train to hell and gamble on a rookie. Both Carson and Trump have strong chances at this point in the game.

Both also could fall in popularity as time goes on. And then what?

Positioning himself to pick up the torch after Bush, Rubio, Trump and Carson are done is none other than Conservative American champion Ted Cruz. Imagine how wonderful the world could be, my fellow Conservatives, if we had an actual, real, honest Conservative American as the candidate for the Presidency. We’d all think we were in a dream.

And maybe that’s all it is right now is a dream. But then again, maybe…

The United Nations itself Has Failed – Let’s Move On.

The whole grand experiment of having a so-called “United Nations” assembly to prevent wars and conflict has completely failed. It is nothing more than a US-funded playground for loudmouth tyrants and dictators who are given equal footing in some sort of corrupt attempt at a “senate.”

We could eliminate the United Nations completely and the world we be no worse off. Instead, we host evil dictators in New York… even those, like Iran’s President, who are responsible for killing American soldiers.

It’s time to end the nonsense.

If we can eliminate the United Nations, let’s do that. Let Donald Trump take over the real estate and sell this prime office space to fuel a growing New York economy.

If we can’t get rid of it, let’s (as we suggest on our “Truths We Hold” page — our Conservative American platform) at least Dramatically change our role in the United Nations.

That prime real estate in New York shouldn’t be wasted as a luxury stop for the world’s dictators. If it stays in that location, the U.S. needs to pay no more than 10% of the expenses of the U.N. We’re okay with the U.N. moving out of the country or moving to a state in need of economic development, freeing up that land in New York for generating new wealth.

President Obama is trying to kill the entire coal industry. Why not move the UN to one of the states he has crushed economically? And let other nations pay for the stupid dictator’s club. If they don’t want to pay for it, it can cease to exist.

These ideas would save us billions and bring more common sense to the world. The UN has become only about redistributing the wealth of the citizens of the United States to the rest of the world. The UN is a giant version of President B-Rock Obama. It invents fake things like man-caused global climate change that only the money from the evil, rich, USA can cure and then demands we do so. With liberal lunatic Samantha Powers and her husband as part of the Obama team of radical extremists, the USA has no hope of accomplishing anything good at all in the UN.

Within the last week, the USA did not even clap when the leader of Israel spoke. God forbid we stand up and applaud one of our supposed allies.

The UN is a joke and we’re not laughing anymore. It’s an expensive failure which, as liberals always do, the left wants to hang on to forever.

Kerry Leading from Behind

John Kerry lets Russia take the lead

Since when do we let the Russian guy stand in front? Or speak first? Or take a back seat to whatever they have decided?

It’s the Obama-Kerry leadership from behind strategy. Make no mistake. President Obama and John Kerry are very happy about Russia stepping into Syria despite what they say. The plan all along has been for the USA to stop being the good guys and just stay out of other people’s business. It may sound good as a bumper sticker, but when we step down as the leader, someone else stands up.

Meet Vladimir Putin. New world leader.

The Hillary Clinton Lies List page 16

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.


“Negligence, not ignorance, would be Hillary’s only explanation.” – Buck Sexton, The Blaze.

Here is the truth about Hillary Clinton. We correct the record. This is the Hillary Archive. The only Official Hillary Clinton List. This list contains the Hillary Clinton lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy, gaffes and more that “Ready for Hillary” & “Correct [and by that, they mean ‘Lie About’] the Record” doesn’t want you to remember.



Visit all the pages of the list to learn about the REAL Hillary…
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25 Lies per page!!

  1. Hypocrite Hillary Campaigns in Church
  2. 9/14/15 Remember all the times the democrats rail against Christians, harp on the separation of Church and State and blast conservative evangelicals? Seems this fake concern doesn’t apply to them. Hillary Clinton tried to have a “come to Jesus” moment yesterday where she suddenly “saw the light” and will now pretend harder that she’s actually nice to reporters!! What BS! Marisa Schultz at the NY go Postal has details: “Dogged by slumping polls and email controversy, Hillary Clinton turned to prayer Sunday. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea made an unexpected stop at the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington where the former First Family attended services during the Clinton presidency. The Democratic presidential candidate preached a 20-minute sermon and shared a piece of advice from a pastor. “If you’re going to read and listen to Romans: 12, you’ve got to be nice to the press,” Clinton said the pastor told her. “To my friends in the press, I will certainly take that to heart.” The scripture has a message of blessing those who persecute you…” – Gag me. If the stop was unexpected, how come they were counting on her to give a 20-minute sermon?! It was not only expected, it was pre-scripted. And even will she fakes a desire to be nice to others, she slams reporters who she thinks are ‘persecuting’ her for her endless stream of lies. No wonder no one trusts her. Even her hometown Chicago Tribune says “Hillary’s Kinda Dull!”

    “We can’t trust Hillary Clinton to tell the truth on just about anything.” – Gov. Scott Walker

  3. Hillary Email Scandal # 22 – Classified info Sent via G-Mail for all to Hack & See!
  4. 9/14/15

    Hillary Clinton in Green Dress

    Hillary Clinton

    From the democrat-run Politico website: “Classified emails passed through commercial email services like Google and AOL on their path to or from a private server maintained by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, but so far, the government appears to have done little to retrieve or secure the messages. A POLITICO review of Clinton emails made public by the State Department shows that at least 55 messages now deemed to include classified information appear to have been sent to or from private accounts other than Clinton’s. That number is certain to grow substantially… and her advisers sent emails on the same topics that never reached Clinton. The nonchalant response to messages stored on commercial servers contrasts sharply with recent FBI efforts to take possession of email copies on a thumb drive maintained by Clinton’s attorney David Kendall and on a server kept by a Denver tech company that managed Clinton’s account. “They are discordant, and they reflect inconsistent notions of information security,” said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists. “They are totally incompatible positions…” — Meanshile, another socialist, Bernie Sanders is taking a “major lead over Hillary Clinton in key battleground states” and the Washington Go Postal reports the FBI might be able to recover all of the deleted Hillary Benghazi emails.

    “New York Times columnist David Brooks had some harsh words for Hillary Clinton Sunday morning on Meet the Press, telling host Chuck Todd that he believes she is not creative and is “leaking air… She’s an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year,” Brooks said. “She’s not creative. I think creativity and imagination is a very under-appreciated trait in politics … And she’s in a party that has moved away from her.”

  5. Hillary Campaign Under Investigation For Election Law Violations!
  6. 9/12/15 Robert Jonathan reports, “The Hillary Clinton campaign in Nevada is reportedly under investigation for alleged election law violations. This development emerged after… James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew released another hidden camera video targeting the Democrat front-runner’s field organization. In the video, Clinton campaign staffers appear to be co-mingling voter registration efforts with simultaneously promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president which is apparently improper under state election law. “The video purports to show an undercover Project Veritas journalist recording the campaign staffers discussing how during voter registration drives they openly endorsed Clinton and the Democratic Party. That’s an apparent violation of election law, which prohibits registration workers from advocating for a candidate or a party,” The Daily Caller reported.

  7. Hillary Email Scandal # 21 – Lame Apology Comes Months Late
  8. 9/10/15 From Chris Cillizza at the Washington Go Postal: ““I’m sorry.” It took Hillary Clinton the better part of six months to say those two little words about her decision to set up a private e-mail server after she was nominated as secretary of state in late 2008. After a series of “I’m sorry if people were offended” non-apologies, Clinton finally delivered the no-frills version in an interview with ABC’s David Muir this past week. “In retrospect, as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts,” she acknowledged. “One for personal, one for work-related e-mails. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility…” Yawn. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, the uber lefty Salon.com wonders aloud if Hillary (some of this stuff just makes you want to puke) “has an authenticity problem.” Her problem is that she is authentically a lying liar!

Is Loretta Lynch an Idiot? She Doesn’t Know Why this is Happening?!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
Correct again. It never gets old.

lynchI have to ask if US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is an idiot or a liar?

She apparently has no idea what is causing black on white violence around the nation and numerous cop shootings. At least that’s what she claimed today. National Pro-regressive Radio (NPR) reports,

“She said federal and local law enforcement officials would meet in Detroit later this month to discuss ways to reduce violence.”The Department of Justice stands ready to support law enforcement around this country as they continue to fight every day to protect the communities that they serve and of which they are a vital part,” Lynch added.

Uhm, Madame Attorney General? It’s your own stupid racist boss, Barack Hugo Obama, who is causing the rise in racism, race tension, and cop killings! If the President would stop with his stupid comments about his fake son looking like Treyvon Martin or how cops act “stupidly” when they arrest a black friend of his, then maybe things would calm down.

President Obama has all but endorsed the increase in violence, the riots in Ferguson, and the rise in movements like the fake BlackLivesMatter group. He needs to grow up and at least PRETEND to be President of all Americans, not just uninformed democrat-voting minority Americans. Instead, he giggles with glee at every chance he gets to stir up hatred, division and chaos. He uses these people, with no concern whatsoever for lives lost, merely to advance his own mission to fundamentally change America.

You can skip your conference in Detroit, Ms. Lynch. Your solution is to get your boss to stop being a racist. You could try reminding him that his own Mom and two of his grandparents were WHITE!

The Dishonesty of Black Lives Matter

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the Way Right.

The so-called #BlackLivesMatter group has a dishonest name. Like so many other liberal causes, they pick a name that means the exact opposite of what they are all about. Take for example the “Affordable Care Act,” which is not affordable and has nothing to do with caring. Or there’s the “Pro-Choice” movement which is against letting women in the womb live, let alone grow up and make any choices.

So it is with BlackLivesMatter. The group does not have anything to do with giving a crap about black lives being wasted. The members don’t care.

If black lives matter, stop killing your own kids.

If they really cared about stopping the needless early end of black lives, their public enemy number one would not be white cops. In fact, white cops wouldn’t even be on the top 100 list. The number one enemy would be Planned Parenthood. There’s a group created by a racist who hated seeing so many little black babies and wanted to come up with a way to get rid of most of them. If they really cared about black lives, they’d join with republicans trying to end funding for this horrible organization.

If black lives matter, stop killing each other.

If they really cared about stopping the needless early end of black lives, their public enemy number two would not be white cops either. If they cared, they’d try to end black-on-black violence where hundreds are murdered for no reason just in Chicago alone.

The truth is BlackLivesMatter doesn’t care about black lives. They care about having a giant black chip on their black shoulders and getting the revenge their half-black President tells them is so deserved. These are angry people who just want an excuse to lash out at white people they blame for everything.

All lives matter. Anything else is racist BS.

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