Blacks in Chicago Blast Democrats & Obama – Video

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Wow. Hats off today to RebelPundit.com for this amazing video…

It is so nice to see… it’s refreshing, encouraging… genuine Americans (of any color) stand up and state the obvious. If the Democrats, the Clintons and the Obama’s all gave a damn about blacks and inner cities, why… after 50 years of running these communities… has nothing changed?!

Rebel Pundit says “Blacks Unchained Destroy black, liberal leadership.”

I hope Deneen Borelli, a true American hero, gets to see this and smiles. Finally some of her efforts are paying off! We need hundreds and thousands more just like her. God bless these women and men for speaking the truth.

Hillary’s ‘You Didn’t Build That!’ Moment – Video

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

From the Official Hillary Clinton Lies & Scandals List

Hillary Demonstrates She Knows Nothing About Economics! – Her “You Didn’t Build That!” Moment

10/25/14 – A confused Hillary Clinton made the bizarre claims that business don’t create jobs and raising the minimum wage doesn’t eliminate jobs! These are both false statements.

Watch her demonstrate how dumb she is for yourself…

Please note the key word (in bold) that she includes in her statement…

“And Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. They always say that. I’ve been through this. My husband gave working families a raise. In the 1990’s. I voted to raise the minimum wage and guess what? Millions of jobs were created OR paid better and more and more families were more secure.” Using the word “OR”, it could be the case that not a single job was created by raising the minimum wage. She could instead be saying that more than one million got a raise instead!

She knows raising the minimum wage kills jobs, but she wants you to focus instead on the fact that some people got a raise. It’s the union mentality that says so what if there are fewer union workers, just so we get that raise. She is misleading people on purpose.

She continues, “And don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody say that uhm, ya know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. Ya know, that old theory; trickle down economics. That has been tried. That has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.” Wrong again.

First, she claims employers don’t create jobs, but fails to explain her faulty logic. Instead she changes the topic to Ronald Reagan’s spectacularly successful economic plan. She then announces that in her confused mind it didn’t work! Again, she fails to even try to defend her position. Reaganomics created decades of financial growth. Typical liberal: big words, but hollow.

UPDATE 10/27/14: Rush Limbaugh said today that Hillary knows these “Inane, asinine and genuinely stupid comments” are not true but she has to say them to drum up support from the fringe democrat base. “It tells me how afraid of Elizabeth Warren she really is,” Limbaugh said. Warren and President Obama said similar things with their “You didn’t build that” comments.

10-Year-Old Girl Thrilled to Meet Child Rapist Lawyer Hillary Clinton

Disgusting Photo Shows Little Girl Thrilled to Meet Child Rapist Lawyer!

10/23/14 – You have to wonder what little Macy Friday’s parents are teaching her at home. The 10-year-old little girl found herself thrust into the national spotlight when an Association Democrat Press photographer captured her “Sheer Ecstasy” meeting a child rapist lawyer. That’s the same lawyer who laughed about getting a man off easy for raping a little girl just like you, Macy.

That child rapist lawyer is Madame Secretary, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This AP Huffington Post Photo is Disgusting. Click2Visit HuffPo story.

This AP Huffington Post Photo is Disgusting. Click2Visit HuffPo story.

So why would a young girl be so excited to meet a woman who thinks it is funny to let a child rapist off easy? Macy is probably unaware of the fact. Little Macy likely has no knowledge of that disgusting interview caught on tape showing Hillary Clinton laughing about it and later lying about it.

From the Daily Beast we learned, Macy, that the little girl who was raped said: “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell.”

We don’t blame you, Macy. But what about your parents? Are they living under a rock? Why would they take their little girl to meet someone like that?! This is not a person to be looked up to or admired.

A brief glance at this list proves that. Note that most items on this list are attributed to news sources friendly to democrats like Hillary.

I’m sorry to rain on your parade Macy, but this photo is just wrong. In fact, it’s disgusting that Hillary is greeted this way when she does not deserve it.

Oh, but it’s not disgusting to Jaime Fuller at the Washington Post though. She fawns over Hillary and frames it this way, “Clinton came across ten-year-old Macy Friday, who had a look on her face that has never been witnessed by anyone who is not a dad chaperoning a minivan full of teenagers at a One Direction concert. Other potential 2016 presidential candidates have not elicited the same reaction from the children of America.” You can almost hear Fuller giggling as she then shows pics of five republican candidates posing with children who look less than excited. Oh, it must just be how amazing that democrat, Hillary, is! She’s a rock star like One Direction! *Gag*

After all, it was the amazing Hillary that said every child is “too small to fail,” Macy. That sounds nice, right? Only it’s not true.

Hillary says “every child.” What she means though is most children. Not all of them. Not the 591,000 little girls just like you, Macy, that the democrat war on women kills via abortion each year. Harsh words, but abortion is a harsh topic. Those children aren’t too small to fail to Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t care about those girls. Those little girls wanted to have their One Direction moments too. But they were not given that chance.

We understand it is exciting to meet someone who you think is famous. We hope in the future your parents will help guide you to find a better role model.

Bush Body Counts & Weapons of Mass Destruction

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

rushjpgRush Limbaugh was discussing today the news that weapons of mass destruction actually were found in Iraq. He was fuming mad, and rightly so, at anti-Tea Party establishment republican Karl Rove and Team George W. Bush for failing to promote this fact widely. Instead, republicans have been silent and took a huge beating. The Rove strategy simply did not work.

One thing Rush pointed out today was the never-ending tally Dan Rather and the rest of the democrat media kept of soldiers who had died in the war because of “Bush’s Lie” about weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). It was the Bush Death Count, all designed to pretend that liberals actually gave a crap about the lives of these brave young men and women.

As we have pointed out many times, this was all a lie. The proof came when Obama won and all of the death counts, body counts, went away along with any pretend concern for soldiers. For that very reason, we created the admittedly absurd “Obama Death Count.”

Dr. Ben Carson May Not be the Answer for Conservatives

Save our Healthcare Dr. Ben Carson

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – We’re Right Even if You Don’t Want to Hear it.

Here’s the thing… Dr. Ben Carson is a Conservative American who wants to run for president. He’s out doing public speaking, writing a book, appearing on TV, etc. We’re all for Conservative Americans running for president and we agree with much of what Dr. Carson has to say.

The problem for us is that we have spent 6 years correctly pointing out what a terrible mistake Americans made in electing Barack Hussein Obama. One reason that is an awful mistake is that Barack Obama had no experience running anything, ever.

Now, Dr. Carson does have experience being in charge and accomplishing things… that makes him far more qualified than Barack Hussein Obama ever will be. However, Dr. Carson has zero experience running a town, a city, a county or a state. He would come into the White House, like his predecessor, with zero experience.

I just don’t think we can afford that and I’m not sure we should waste our time backing a candidate who simply is not qualified for the job.

What do you think? Add your own comments.

Obama, CDC Not Trying to Keep us Safe from Ebola

What other conclusion can one draw? The administration of President Barack Obama and the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control are not even trying to keep us safe from Ebola. While the CDC Director goes on TV daily to tell us everything is fine, it really isn’t.

If Obama or the CDC truly wanted to keep us safe…

  • …Why not stop admitting all travelers to the country who have been in nations with Ebola outbreaks? The nuts at the United Nations don’t like this idea because it might hurt the economy of those small nations. It might keep us alive though! This means no one comes over our borders in cars or planes or boats who is coming from one of these nations. Seal off the damn borders! Ah, but that would cost the democrats illegal votes in November, not a price they are willing to pay even if it means someone in your family dies.
  • …Why wouldn’t they be more forthcoming about the risks of getting Ebola? For example, we are told by the CDC it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. Personal protective equipment to avoid contracting a disease spread by bodily fluids includes, goggles, face masks, gloves, etc. There would NOT be any need for the guys in the space-suits or haz-mat suits. That would protect someone from AIRBORNE diseases. If that’s not the issue, then they should explain why this precaution is being taken.
  • …They would have cleaned up the Dallas apartment building where patient zero was immediately upon learning of his illness. Some reports say it still has not been properly cleaned. Video images today show men removing boxes. Notice that the men are not even wearing protective gloves! Other reports say the man’s vomit outdoors by the apartment building was simply swept or power-washed away. This is nuts.
  • …They would not allow those in close contact with this man, especially those who stayed with him in the same apartment, to move around freely. These people would be quarantined.

They are not stopping infected people from coming here. They are not containing the disease already here. They are not doing enough to take this seriously. Do they even care?

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