Over Par on 4th Hole, Obama Blames Caddie

By Peter Andrew -ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While President Barack Obama spends his Sundays on the Church of the 18th Hole, he took time yesterday to point out his poor performance is not his fault. He blamed his advisers, tossing them under the bus for offering him poor advice.

Mr. Obama shot over par on the 4th hole and blamed the caddie! Apparently the caddie handed him the wrong club.

By now you realize my tongue is firmly in cheek with this one. But I am not far off. President Obama doesn’t take responsibility for anything going wrong. It’s all about him when Osama is killed. When the war with ISIS is too little, too late, that’s not his fault. He had… wait for it… lousy intelligence!

You mean like George W. Bush with lousy intelligence about weapons of mass destruction?!! OMG. President Obama is now using the Bush excuse that he campaigned against.

Here’s a fact on the battle with ISIS: President Obama refuses to acknowledge his victim-mentality foreign policy is failing. In his mind, the oppressors have always been the Jews and the Christians, not the Muslims. Because he views his own salvation as tied to helping victims like himself, he always sides with the victims. In his mind, members of ISIS are only misunderstood Muslims who have been victimized for so long by the USA, they are temporarily having a hard time defining right and wrong. Thus, the hesitation to destroy (maybe we’ll just… I dunno, “Degrade” instead) ISIS.

He has failed as a leader to admit he (personally) was wrong and is now taking steps (if he were) to make sure this mistake does not happen again.

Why Phil Simms is an Idiot – Just say Redskins

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Politically incorrect broadcaster Phil Simms has adopted the President Obama mentality of simply refusing to use words he finds inconvenient. President Obama won’t say “War on Terror.” Simms won’t say “Redskins” on C-BS. As in the Washington Redskins NFL team. He did goof once, but quickly apologized. What a loser.

Simms isn’t alone. Remember Bob Costas lecturing America about guns and what a fool he made of himself?  Then he did it again.  Costas declared that the Washington Redskins is a racist name and “always has been.”

Really?  Always has been?

Here’s why that is one of the dumbest things he has ever said.  Here’s why Phil Simms and Bob Costas are both idiots. Here’s why C-BS should fire Simms for refusing to do his job.

The word has its origins from white men trying to describe how these new men they came into contact with were different.  People knew that some people were black.  But this was something new.  They were described as having “red” skin, being red-skinned, or redskins.  In time, some racist people took the word and used it as a negative term, in some cases related to scalpings.  This was wrong and racist and did not last.  The word is not used in that manner today.   So, does that mean the name of this sports franchise has “always been” racist?! Does it mean it is wrong for dudes like Simms to use the name on TV?

So You know how people say follow the money?  Well, do it in this case and you’ll quickly see how wrong Simms and his mentor, Costas, are.

Okay, you’re a rich dude and you decide to buy and expansion team in the NFL (or NBA, or baseball, or whatever).  You need a name for your new team.  You know darn well that you will make much more money if your team wins than you will if it loses.  You want a great name for your team, like the Steelers – imagine… men made of steel!  You want a name that is strong.  The Pussycat Dolls probably would not work.  You want your team to be made up of fearless, ruthless fighters.  You want champions!  You settle on a name, one you chose because it represented America, pride, strength, endurance, skill and determination.  You pick The Redskins, representative of all native American warriors, proud, strong, unbreakable.

It is beyond reason to claim that the name was racist from the start, or when the team was formed.  After all, when you fill out a job application, you have to indicate if you are WHITE or not.  They still call us WHITES.  Why?  Because we are WHITE, we have WHITE SKIN, the Whiteskins!  This is not offensive.

No one setting up a sports franchise would ever choose a name out of hatred for a certain race.  If you hate someone, why would you name your team after them?  If you think they are somehow less human than you or have less ability than you, why would you name your team after them?  Are you looking for a team of weak, sub-human wimps?!  Of course not.  You want to make money and you don’t want to offend a group of people who might buy tickets.  This simply would never happen. It’s true and you know it’s true.

Washington Redskins nameTo this day, the Redskins team has a strong and proud heritage.  Fans buy items with the logo on them and calendars with the cheerleaders on them!  None of them do that because they hate native Americans.  They do it to support their hometown warriors!  Their champions! The men they are counting on for victory.

If anything, the name is a tribute to the strength, pride and abilities of native Americans.  It was never a racist sports team name and it remains a name that is not a racist sports team name. .

You want racism?  You want political correctness?  Ask the native Americans in Wisconsin what they call their summer festival. If it’s killing you, I’ll let you know they call it… prepare yourself now… “Indian Summer.”

The Washington Redskins should keep their name. They should keep their logo.  They should keep their cheerleaders in swimsuits.

The NFL leaders should try to show that they too once were men, and let this team keep its proud heritage going.  Don’t give in to the politically correct government Bob Costas-nannies who want to send you to your room for being a big meanieBe a man.  Defend this name and let them keep it.

BTW, wouldn’t the Dallas Cowboys name be more offensive to Native Americans? Wouldn’t that be like calling the New York team the Al Qaedas? Chicago Blackhawks hockey fans need to watch this closely.

What do you think?

Holder Ruins Career & Future, Quits His Job Early (Just Like Palin)

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

impeach holder trial balloon

Racist Eric Holder

Racist Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly is announcing today he is stepping down from his job, proving he is a quitter. He admits he just can’t handle the job. Experts everywhere are saying this will ruin his career and any hope at all that he had for any kind of legal future. They have basically branded him a LOSER for failing to fulfill his term in office.

Now, you know better than that! None of that is happening. That only happens to you when you quit if you are a Conservative American like Governor Sarah Palin. All of the commentators were quick to announce her resignation, label her a “quitter” and guarantee that her future was hopeless. They said she admitted she couldn’t handle the job and then, obviously, would never be able to handle an even tougher job like… oh, I dunno, maybe President of the United States.

The truth was that Sarah Palin made a very intelligent decision for her and her family. While no one wanted to hear it (and dems still don’t), the truth was that democrats used the tough new ethics laws Palin pushed through in Alaska to go after her. They filed trumped up claim after made up accusation knowing full well that the legal bills Palin would rack up would all have to be paid by HER, personally! So, she had a job that paid in the low $100K range and had already racked up personal legal bills of half a million dollars. She was ruining her financial future and putting her family at great risk by continuing as Governor. ConservativeAmerican.org was the first in the nation to get that story correct. We listed 10 good reasons Palin had to step down. Chris Cillizzo followed the next day with one of our ten reasons and Fox News a few days later had a few of them as well. Frankly, no one cared about telling the truth because Sarah Palin was a Conservative.

Had she stayed in the post, she would not have been able to write the book or get the paid speaking engagements which helped get her family out of debt (she was in REAL debt, unlike the Hillary Millionaire Clinton claim she and Billy Bob were broke when they left the White House).

So, with today’s announcement that the worst attorney general in history is finally stepping aside and taking his Justice-for-Blacks-Only leadership with him, why isn’t everyone talking about him as a quitter? A failure? Someone who has just tossed away any hope of a future he ever could have had? Hmmmm?

Perhaps Holder will return now to being an attorney representing accused terrorists and getting them out of jail. That’s what he used to do. Good riddance to this insulting coward of a racist. This isn’t the only racist Obama has appointed. Judge Sonia Sotomayor has also repeatedly made racist claims in public. She can step down next.

France is Tougher than US?!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

academy award obama

Barack Obama & John Kerry – Weak & Weaker

All of the sudden, France is showing the leadership the USA won’t.

On September 4th, we pointed out it was getting annoying that the President of the United States had decided to be so polite to ISIS, the Islamic State of thugs and terrorists. He was about the only one in the world who insisted on calling them “ISIL.” That’s the name the terrorists preferred and hey, why not be polite? Can’t we all just get along? *Gag.*

ISIS, or as President Obama politely calls them “ISIL” as they prefer…

Adam Taylor at the Washington Post explains…

“…many called it the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). However, due to differences over how the name should be translated from the Arabic, some (including the U.S. government) referred to them as ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)… “This is a terrorist group and not a state,” [French] Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters last week, according to France 24. “I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats.’ ”

Apparently the thugs hate that name. All the more reason to use it. Reminds me of when President George H. W. Bush would call the leader of Iraq, “So-DAM hINSANE.” That’s what it always sounded like to me when he said it anyway.

Hillary Still Staging Fake Support! – Iowa Attendees Given Free Steak Just to Show Up!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

EWeek.com pic, Click2Visit

EWeek.com pic, Click2Visit

Once again, the supposed Hillary Clinton support and “excitement” is apparently nothing more than a carefully staged theatrical play!

The democrat-run Chicago Sun Times has inadvertently reported that attendance by supposed Hillary Clinton “fans” at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa was staged!

Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun Times reports Team Hillary had to pay people with free food and transportation to attend the Tom Harkin rally in Iowa! (italics and bolding ours)

“Lynda Tran, a 270 partner [a political firm] who is a Ready for Hillary adviser, said the group has been planning a campaign-style welcome in Iowa for her and encouraging Iowa supporters to attend the Harkin Steak Fry. “Ready for Hillary is also purchasing tickets and arranging buses for Students for Hillary supporters who want to attend the event — buses will depart from Drake University, Grinnell [College], Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa…”

So, students who do have money for rock concerts, dates and burgers won’t even attend a Hillary event unless they are told it is all free and they get free steak?! Hey, why turn down a free steak? So much for REAL support or excitement. Oh, and all those polls showing Clinton miles ahead of Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry fail to offer voters the option of “Please God, Anyone but these people!”

Apparently, the former Secretary of State and child rapist lawyer, Hillary Clinton (that’ll piss off the left!) has not learned her lesson. She has been in trouble before for staging political events, several times. And here. And again here. Oh, and over here too. And she promised in 2007 she would never stage events again!

In 2008, she reportedly staged “impromptu” visits at diners and local hangouts during her losing campaign against Barack Hussein Obama.

After promising that staging events would not happen again, it happened again. I guess she just meant she would try not to get caught again. From Patterico.com: “Gateway Pundit has the story on Hillary’s Jesus moment: “Hillary got a “surprise” visit from her Sunday School teacher from the Chicago area while she spoke in Donnellson, Iowa. It looks like Hillary’s Jesus moment was likely another staged event for the Democratic front runner.” Read the details at Gateway Pundit and then note this BarackObama.com community blog post and update: “As you know, Hillary met in Donnellson Iowa at a firehouse (you can’t beat that, images of 9/11 and all) and a person, Amy Fellows of “Croton Iowa” (no such city) asked her if she was Christian. What followed was a saccarine exchange of religious greetings and an oportunity for Hillary to expound on her Methodist upbringing. Following on the heels of the e-mail scandal where Hillary campaign workers were caught spreading mis-information that Obama was a Muslin, this was pretty neat. After this homily on Methodism, “somone in the crowd” (how convenient, an anonymous person) shouted our “Her Sunday School Teacher is Here!” What heppened next is up for debate. The AP wire story and other outlets carried this as a long-lost runion between Clinton and Ms. Bentzinger, her Sunday school teacher. No mention was made that the two had met in April of this year at a similar event in nearby Fort Madison. The spin on the story was that this hearwarming event was a reunion for Ms. Clinton and Ms. Bentzinger. I first heard of this event on the hillaryclinton.com blogsite when a poster put up a message to the effect that this was such a wonderful heartwarming event – again the implication that this was a long-lost reunion. When I ponted out they had seen each other a few months earlier, the poster on the blogsite deleted the original message…”

11/12/2007 – Another staged question. This time it was followed by Hillary Clinton claiming she knew nothing about that! “On November 12, 2007, the New York Times reported that “At two campaign events in Iowa this year, aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged audience members to ask her specific questions, a tactic that drew criticism from an opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination and led her yesterday to promise that it would not happen again.” In response, Clinton remarked, ‘It was news to me [...] and neither I nor my campaign approve of that, and it will certainly not be tolerated.‘”

Commander Obama Unsure What Troops Are For – ISIS? Non-Combat? Ebola?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – With Arms Wide Open.

President Obama won’t use 2,000 troops to fight ISIS, but he’s using 3,000 to fight Ebola?! So, instead of using soldiers to do what they are trained to do, he’s using them to do… well, things they are NOT trained to do!


We have a Commander in Chief who actually has no idea what to do with soldiers. He’s the first President uncomfortable with “victory.” He’s the first President ever to refer to soldiers as “non-combat troops.”

Uhm… paradox anyone? “Soldier” and “Non-Combat” don’t go together, Mr. President. They can’t go together by definition.

Non-Combat Soldiers

Non-Combat Soldiers

So, while he promises his Code Pink lefty friends there won’t be any “boots on the ground,” in Iraq or Syria, he puts boots on the ground in Africa. And in case there is any confusion, the whole “boots on the ground” thing is a great big lie! Of course there are boots on the ground in Iraq. There are more than 1,000 “non-combat” combat soldiers on the ground in Iraq right now.

Obama boots on the ground

So while he sings his song on American Idol, the truth is there already are boots on the ground. He just won’t let them do what they are supposed to do: kill bad guys and blow up things. Instead, he uses them to “combat” Ebola.

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