2 beheadings, 1 year of warnings, 0 plans from Obama on Dealing with ISIS!

Two beheadings carried out by ISIS barbarian cowards now. These slimeball pre-dead men are too scared to show their faces.

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

President Obama has had a year of warnings about how strong ISIS was getting. Yet he called them the “JV” team. For a JV team, they sure are kicking his A**!

Fox News journalist Catherine Herridge, arguably the best US reporter in the business right now, says her sources indicate the President’s daily briefings contained warnings about the growing threat from ISIS more than a year ago!

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

Unlike previous Presidents, Barack “I’m busy golfing” Obama is too busy to attend these daily briefings, so he has them typed up by some poor schlop and he then claims he has read them. Probably between the 11th and 12th hole. My guess is that he doesn’t even read them!

Oh, he has time between strokes to send the racist Eric Holder to further agitate things in Ferguson, Missouri. He has time to stand with the parents of a traitor and gleefully announce his illegal trade of a handful of terrorists to get the traitor back. He has time for redistribution and government-run healthcare.
He just doesn’t have time to do his damn job.

No time to do the most important thing we ask a President to do… to keep us safe. Nope. Too busy on the golf course taking swings with celebrities. The President is acting like some spoiled little brat that should have been beat up in 4th grade.

Barack Obama is not a leader. He’s not a man. He’s not a President.

He’s a useless little victim hell-bent on making white people pay for slavery (when most whites don’t even have ancestors that had anything to do with slavery) by redistributing wealth to the blacks. Don’t believe me? He said it! Check out page one of our Official Obama Administration Scandals list and read the quotes yourself from his 2001 radio interview. Listen to him speak the words and hear them yourself. This is the real Barack Obama.

Americans around the world are not safe. Two more beheadings.

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Joe the Plumber’ Moment

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Just before the long Labor Day weekend, when most people are tuning out of the news, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton had her own ‘Joe the Plumber’ moment. It happened on August 28th during a speech she gave to some industry leaders in technology.

As with President Obama’s infamous discussion with ‘Joe,’ Hillary also mistakenly allowed a bit of her true beliefs to shine through. She wants to “spread the wealth around” and redistribute people’s earned income the same way Obama does.

From the Official Hillary Clinton Lies & Scandals List

Hillary Clinton’s Joe the Plumber Moment

8/31/14 –

EWeek.com pic, Click2Visit

EWeek.com pic, Click2Visit

We all remember President Obama making the mistake of being honest about who he really is when he spoke with “Joe the Plumber.” On 10/25/2008 Obama told Joe, “It’s not that I wanna punish your success [by taxing you more] it’s that I just wanna make sure that everybody who’s behind ya, that they’ve got a chance at success too… I think when we spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.”

The gaffe revealed the candidate’s belief that the role of government is to spread the wealth around, to take from some and give to others… basically ‘Robin Hood’ in reverse by taking money from the good, hard-working people of this nation and redistributing it to those who don’t work.

Last week it was Hillary’s turn to assure liberals she intends to carry out that same mistaken belief in the role of government.

Chris Preimesberger wwrites at Eweek.com today about Hillary’s comments to a tech conference on 8/28/14. The headline is, “Hillary Clinton Encourages IT Execs to Help Share the Wealth” Has Hillary ever shared the wealth? Surely out of her own hundreds of millions, she could share many millions more than she does.

Preimesberger writes, “[CLINTON:]“I admit I’m not an expert in software-defined storage, nor the intracacies of cloud computing,” Clinton said, “but I have learned enough that I know the advances you are making are helping to build a 21st-century American economy that is vibrant and dynamic, and that we need to make smart choices and investments that are inclusive and broadly shared as well.” Clinton told the IT leaders that they are key players in helping reduce the number of Americans who feel locked out of 21st-century economic opportunity.”

So she told them the same thing Obama told ol’ Joe! Socialist Hillary told the tech leaders she wants to make sure everybody who’s behind the tech leaders have a chance at success too by making “smart choices” and “investments that are inclusive and broadly shared.” Just what the hell does it mean to have an investment that is broadly shared with others?! This is the bizarre Hillary Clinton investment advice? Maybe after her success in cattle futures investments, she figures she can offer advice to others.

That sounds like a tax, not an investment! She told them its okay to make money, but they have to ensure “broadly shared” financial outcomes. She followed by telling them they are key players in reducing the number of people “locked out” of getting some of the money these tech companies earn! She may as well have said, “I think when we spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

These two lib looneys, Hillary and Obama, believe they know better than you how to spend your money, and because they are such good people they want to take some of your money to give to people who don’t work… ya know, redistribute the wealth.

Hillary would simply be Obama’s 3rd term.

The Official Hillary Clinton Lies List Hits 300! (& Counting!)

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Hillary - What difference does it make?

Hillary – What difference does it make?

Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s new book shoud have been entitled, “Unfit to Lead.”

On the Official Hillary Clinton Lies List, we now have gathered up more than 300 items from her early days to the present, placing them in chronological order. And we continue to add more almost daily. In 2008 and 2012, voters had blinders on preventing them from even considering any negative news about the ficticious tale of our nation’s “first Black” President (“black” despite him having a white Mommy). We cannot allow ourselves to have blinders on in 2016 and vote or this angry woman who has no accomplishments at all. She can’t even list them!

The item that pushed her over the top of the 300 milestone was this one…

Hillary Finally Picks an Opinion about Ferguson Riots – 3 weeks late!
8/30/14 From Noah Rothman at HotAir.com: “..Almost every political actor of significance offered their thoughts on this pivotal moment in American history… with one glaring exception. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been sharply criticized for remaining silent on Ferguson from many of her likely key supporters if she runs for the White House in 2016. Speaking at a rally in Ferguson, Rev. Al Sharpton called out Clinton by name for failing to speak on the matter… Speaking in San Francisco on Thursday, Clinton spoke about Ferguson but also about racial inequity in the United States. “We cannot ignore the inequities that persist in our justice system,” she said… She went on to praise President Barack Obama for sending the attorney general to Ferguson and for pursuing a federal investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: As if that was a good idea!! Rothman points out, ““She clearly had put some thought into that,” CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin observed. Well, Clinton had 18 days to think that one up since the violence started, so I should hope she did.” – Agreed.

The list contains Hillary Clinton lies, mistakes, scandals, blunders, gaffes, hypocrisy and more. That’s way too long of a name, so we just call it the Official Hillary Clinton Lies List. It contains more than 45 Hillary Benghazi Lies among many, many other things. Most of the items on the list are those you likely never heard about. Please share with your friends and even those who think they support this awful woman for President.

The truth needs to be told.

Rush was Right about Rick Perry

Rush Limbaugh was right when he predicted the media would use every opportunity to point out that Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted. The goal is not to report facts, but to make people think twice about supporting a Perry presidential bid in 2016.

It seems the entire purpose of the so-called indictment was simply to help Hillary Clintong. In reality, the indictment is a joke. He was indicted for promising to veto a portion of an office budget if a local politician who was arrested did not step down. She didn’t step down and he did veto the spending. That’s illegal, right?! Nonsense! Those responsible for it were less concerned about any legal issue than they were about giving Team Hillary 2016 ammo to use against a potential republican opponent.

From Death & Taxes magazine comes an example proving Rush Limbaugh was right…

Death & Taxes Magazine

Death & Taxes Magazine

The story has nothing to do with the indictment at all. The story is about how Perry will pay for National Guard Troops he sent to secure the Texas border with Mexico. Ah, but any opportunity to blast someone who may get in Hillary’s way simply cannot be resisted by the left.

If ISIS Attacks Here, 11 Reasons the Media will be Partly to Blame

Oh, the lovely egotistical members of the lamestream media. How they adore each other in the mirror and turn a blind eye to their beloved “4th estate” when it suits their purpose.

The adoring fans of Barack Obama in the press have done, and continue to do, a great injustice to this nation. They have betrayed that 4th estate, turned their back on the Free Press, and invited their own killers to dinner.

The truth is that the Obama-loving media will be partly to blame if and when ISIS attacks on U.S. Soil. They are planning to cross the border with Mexico and carry out attacks on U.S. soil. I lay part of the blame on the TV newscasters and the endangered species newspaper reporters.

  • They never gave Obama the rectal exam the gleefully offer any republican running for high office.
  • They saw no need to examine his past or even find out what he stood for. Instead, they ignorantly blessed his “present” votes in the Illinois State Legislature.
  • They ignored his friendships with terrorists like Rashid Khalidi and Bill Ayers. Part of some right-wing conspiracy, no doubt.
  • They ignored his father… you know, the one who was a communist.
  • Yet, they also adored his father… you know, the one who made Obama’s skin color (that thing the left always focuses on) a certain shade of black.
  • The ignored his mother… you know, the one who made him half white, or just as white as he is black. Yeah, that one. The story they chose to write instead, one Obama was all too happy to go along with all the way to Mt. Rushmore, is that this man is the “first Black President.” That’s a lie. He’s the first half-black President. He even called himself a “mutt” when asked about it.
  • They ignored every piece of evidence that demonstrated this man was a radical who felt the need to fundamentally transform the nation. We saw it prior to 2008 and we reported it. They certainly could have told the truth about him. But, that simply didn’t fit the fairytale story they wanted to tell. It didn’t fit the ratings they needed and the advertising they needed to sell. Nah, just ignore all of that stuff. How bad can the guy really be anyway?
  • They have ignored scandals far bigger than Watergate including the Benghazi coverup, the Benghazi lies about some video, the IRS Scandal which shut down the Tea Party long enough for 2012 democrat wins, and on, and on and on. Literally hundreds of scandals they chose simply to ignore, knowing full well that if a Republican had done a single one of these things, they would have run him out of office.
  • They ignored his promise to violate the Constitution and have a “year of action” without congress. They ignored the democrats who stood and applauded the demise of their own need to exist. No story there.
  • Instead of being honest and reporting that Joe Wilson (the guy who yelled “You Lie!” at Obama) was factually correct, they wrote about how he was out of Order. Nevermind when the President was out of Order chewing out the US Supreme Court in public during one of his addresses with the justices sitting only yards away.

But the worst thing the mainstream media has done is to ignore the American people, to ignore their own country. They have no desire to tell us the truth, only bits of ‘truths’ that fit their pre-determined narratives. Shame of them. They have betrayed us all.

We have a President who never could have been elected had he been a republican. We have a President the press never would have allowed to be elected had his skin color been white. We have a President with no strategy at all on how to deal with ISIS as they sneak into our nation and prepare to attack.

If that attack happens, be sure to thank, in part, the American media.

Why Obama Has No ISIS Strategy

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While ISIS plans to cross our border with Mexico to get into our nation and attack us from within, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to golf. Why? Why no strategy?

Here’s a few reasons:

  1. President Obama is fundamentally transforming America from the naton you knew and loved into a socialist nation of whimps who admit that every problem in the world is our own fault. Fighting ISIS has nothing to do with that and it is not his priority.
  2. His Angry Victim-Mentality Foreign Policy tells him, in his gut, that he should side with ISIS. To him, these poor innocent Islamists are the victims of the Western World and he always wants to help those whom HE perceives are the victims (not necessarily those who are deemed the victims by people with common sense).
  3. He has very little interest in foreign policy. It bores him.
  4. His narrative is that Osama (and all of terrorism) is dead. How can he start a new war with a terrorist group and maintain his stupid, childish fantasy that he has parted the waters, eliminated terrorism, and now the world finally loves and respects us? This isn’t the history he wants to write.
  5. The policy of ignoring a situation for long periods of time has worked for him before. He hopes the media will tire of it, drop it, and move on.

Americans have elected the wrong man.

Ablow Follows our Lead on Michelle Obama’s Weight

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Finally, someone else has noticed Michelle Obama’s Big Fat Problem. Dr. Keith Ablow yesterday followed our lead, allbeit 4 years later, about Queen Michelle and her need to shed a few pounds.

In our post from December of 2010, we wrote…

Queen Michelle Obama says parents can no longer be trusted to feed their kids the right food. Does that mean Michelle Obama’s Mama screwed up?

I hate to do this, but she brought it up… or should I say she brought it down… and even sat on it! Wouldn’t her little war on fat make a wee bit more sense if her own rear end was smaller?

Michelle Obama – Lumps in the Rear End

Michelle Obama has a fat butt

I’m serious! She’s going to lecture us on what to eat and suggest that the government take away our liberty and freedom and tell us what we HAVE TO feed our kids all the while her own bottom is, how shall we say, more than petite?

And just to add some fat around the edges, she tossed in that fat kids are a national security threat! Seriously folks, what in the heck is inside that woman’s brain?! She and her hubby can’t even say the words “terrorist” or “victory,” but they can call our own overweight kids a security threat?

As they talk about in the video below, the Fox ladies were quite upset with Dr. Ablow when he pointed out that Michelle Obama needs to lose some weight…

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