Duke: Palin Has No Political Future!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

* – Until the end of 2011, ConservativeAmerican.org ran the only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club.  Since then Sarah Palin has taken legal steps to prevent others from using her name. ConservativeAmerican.org Leading the way Right By Peter Andrew Conservative American Sarah Palinhas no political future! That’s the word from Selwyn Duke writing at the American Thinker website.   Duke says, “a more important point here relating to Palin’s political future. She doesn’t have one. I know this will raise the hackles of many, but you can forget Sarah Palin.” That’s a fairly bold claim to make and one that will be a big surprise to Sarah Palin Fans. So who is Selwyn Duke? BlogCritics says he “Selwyn Duke is a columnist, public speaker and Internet entrepreneur whose work has been published widely online and also in print, on both the local and national levels. He has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, has a regular column in Christian Music Perspective Magazine and does commentary on the award-winning Michael Savage Show.” That doesn’t sound like some lefty nut. His reason? Duke says Palin has been Dan “Quayled.”

”And while Quayle is an intelligent man — he shredded Al Gore in their 1992 debate — he never could live down the label. Sarah Palin has suffered the same fate. Like Quayle, she is attractive and relatively young, so she can easily be and has been painted as a Barbie doll. Because of this, unlike Hillary Clinton, Palin actually had to be the smartest woman in the world (or at least in contemporary politics), but she did nothing to help her cause in this regard. By her own admission, the now infamous Katie Couric interview was a crash-and-burn affair. “

We’re not in the Duke camp on this one. Palin is very popular with Conservative Americans. More than 40% of all Americans now identify themselves as Conservative. If this level of enthusiasm can continue, Palin has a very good shoot at a “political future,” as Duke calls it. Duke also displays an amazing lack of understanding about Sarah Palin andwhy she stepped down as Governor. I am, frankly, dumbfounded at his explanation: “And what of her shocking resignation from the Alaska governorship, one of the oddest political happenings in memory? Oh, that was just Sarah Barracuda being a maverick? Good luck selling that one.” We’re not democrats, Duke. We don’t have to “sell” anything. There was nothing shocking about it. ConservativeAmerican.org was first to fully explain why Palin needed to step down. Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post later followed our lead, and then Fox News did as well. You can read our piece explaining her reasons here. In a nutshell, however, the Obama 2012 camp was using tough ethics laws Palin helped to pass as a weapon against her. They filed bogus claim after bogus claim against her. Her personal legal bills topped half a million dollars. She could continue in that role, go broke, ruin her personal finances and be the victim of nearly daily bogus ethics claims, or she could do something else. The claims against her would only continue to “Quayle” Sarah Palin and help to make sure Obama 2012 would not have to face her in the election. By stepping down early, Palin was able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. She was able to pay off her legal bills and speak her mind on national issues. Now she can travel, be a national political figure, raise millions, and help other Conservative Americans. We detail about ten reasons the Palin decision to step down was brilliant. Just click here. Selwyn Duke should read our piece. However, he starts to sound a bit like a Palin critic in his piece after claiming to be neutral. “Moreover, if even ten percent of what has been alleged about her wanting knowledge base is true, we have to wonder if she was busy going rogue when she should have been paying attention in the classroom.” Duke anticipates reactions against his proclamation that Palin is done. He writes, “You can disagree with my estimation of the ex-governor, but again, the facts of her saga are secondary. Simply wanting something badly won’t make it a reality. Fair or not, like it or not, Palin has been Quayled, and all the GOP’s horses and all the GOP’s men couldn’t put Sarah’s image together again.” –Odd timing on that comparison. We just compared Barack Obama to Humpty Dumpty last week on the Scandals List! Duke also makes an odd comparison between Palin and Obama that does not help his argument: “Why did we even start talking about Palin in the first place? Here’s a hint: It’s related to why people started talking about another erstwhile unknown, Barack Obama, in the first place. That is, she fits a profile. But also as with Obama, many behave as if they’re unaware of this factor. The truth is, however, that most would be just as unaware of Palin if not for it. And the “it,” Dear Watson, is that she’s a woman.” If Obama won because he was half-black (or light skinned as Harry Reid would say), then why is it impossible to think that Palin might win because she is a woman? Duke presents his argument with logical and thought-out points. For the time being, we will, respectfully, disagree. What say you?  

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