10 Most Popular Conservative Women!

By Peter Andrew – originally posted in 2010
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Here’s a list of the top ten most popular Conservative American women! For each one, you’ll find links to more pics and info. Enjoy!

To be eligible, the female must be intelligent and either a strong Conservative American voice, or a person fair to Conservative Americans almost all of the time. To our critics who may say we only are looking at appearance, let me just say that it’s not our fault angry liberal women are not as attractive as positive, happy, Conservative American women!!

Number Ten – Laura Ingraham! Radio talker Laura Ingraham makes the short list. She’s a great speaker and author. Laura defends the Conservative cause.

Laura Ingraham - The Softer Conservative

Laura Ingraham – The Softer Conservative

Click here to see more of Conservative American Woman Laura Ingraham!

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Number Nine – Michelle Malkin She’s quick on her toes and brutal in debate! The only thing more dangerous than her tongue is her blog!



See more of Conservative American Michelle Malkin here!

Number Eight – Ann Coulter

This sharp-tongued and unafraid author, blogger, speaker and news analyist has to be on anyone’s top 10 list of Conservative American women!

See more of Ann Coulter here!

Number Seven – Julie Banderas! This weekend powerhouse at Fox News is the best female straight news anchor in the world.

See more of Julie Banderas here!

Number Six – Dana Perino! Former Press Secretary for George W. Bush (she even got injured in the famous shoe throwing incident) and current political writer and analyist. Dana’s intelligence earns her respect on both sides of the aisle.

See more of Conservative American Dana Perino by clicking here.

Number Five – S.E. Cupp Maybe it should be S.E.X.Y. Cupp! This great commentator and author turns heads wherever she goes as well. Men and women alike are Cupp fans!

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See more of Conservative American S.E. Cupp by clicking here!

“Peter, I love the book! I left it sitting in plain site during my daughter’s graduation open house and it got a lot of attention! I had people tell me they can’t wait to read it!” – A.L

Number Four – Andrea Tantaros! This New York Post columnist, republican strategist and frequent Fox News guest may not be on your radar screen but she should be. Her wit and wisdom give her staying power.

Andrea Tantaros – Pretty Dress RCTA Dinner

You can see much more of the lovely and talented Andrea Tantaros inside the “Tantaros Fantaros!” by clicking here! (tons of links within this link to other Tantaros articles, commentary and photographs)!

Number Three – Megyn Kelly! The brainy and beautiful Fox News host is a popular pick among top Conservative American women. Her poise and ability to take down any woman or man in a debate, makes her worthy of the honor.

Click to Visit "OneAngryMan" for more Megyn Pics!See more of Megyn Kelly here!

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Number Two – Michele Bachmann Tea Partying mother of five, Conservative American Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is an easy pick for number two!



See more Bachmann pics here! Read more about her here.

Leonisa Panties

Number One – Sarah Palin! The obvious choice for the most popular Conservative American woman is Sarah Palin!

Click here for more pictures of Sarah Palin!

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