1,225 Scandals is called “A Scandal-Free White House!!”

By Peter Andrew
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The Official Obama Administration Scandals list is 24 pages long (at the time of this writing). It contains documented information (dates, times, sources and links) to more than one thousand different items. That’s a “Scandal Free” Start??!!”

Now, we call it the “Scandals” list only to give it a name. It contains not only scandals, but also lies, broken promises, flip-flops and gaffes from the Obama Administration. It’s hard to keep up! This is what columnist Walter Shapiro calls a “Scandal Free White House!” He even wonders aloud at Politics Daily, “Is Obama Very Ethical or Very Lucky?”

What Planet is Shapiro living on? Surely he must be kidding, right? Nope. His justification for the conclusion?

“he is not brooding during secret cigarette breaks about special prosecutors, congressional investigators or relentless investigative reporters. In contrast to Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and maybe even George H.W. Bush, Obama so far has presided over an administration almost entirely free from major public scandal.”

Talk about missing the point. No special prosecutors or investigators? Fine. Gee, that couldn’t have anything to do with the progressive democrats controlling both the house and the senate, could it? No relentless investigative reporters? The reporters, as Shapiro knows well, tend only to investigate Republican administrations. It can’t be a scandal if it involves someone they agree with (work for?) like Obama.

Mr. Shaprio, sir, how about the biggest scandal in our nation’s history? This man is trying to change the very fabric of this nation from the touch, the feel of cotton to some type of burlap socialist weave! Don’t like that one?

How about his continued support of the hoax of man-made global warming? He may not have a sex scandal or an employee breaking the law (there is some question already that Jim Messina may have done just that if he offered a politician a job in exchange for not running against an Obama-loved candidate), but these items are small in comparison to destroying the greatest nation on earth.

Shapiro calls Van Jones no big deal. Oh, and that thing with Tom Daschle…no problem there. That’s just Glenn Beck stuff. The lies? The hypocrisy? Flip-flops and broken promises? Nah, that’s nothing.

Give us a break! There are so many scandals we filled a 400+ page book after just one year!

People like Shapiro, with their heads in the sand, will only empower the progressive-Socialists to continue their aggressive power grabs despite the loud disagreement of most Americans. It’s ridiculous for Shapiro to consider this a Scandal-Free administration.


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