2 beheadings, 1 year of warnings, 0 plans from Obama on Dealing with ISIS!

Two beheadings carried out by ISIS barbarian cowards now. These slimeball pre-dead men are too scared to show their faces.

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

President Obama has had a year of warnings about how strong ISIS was getting. Yet he called them the “JV” team. For a JV team, they sure are kicking his A**!

Fox News journalist Catherine Herridge, arguably the best US reporter in the business right now, says her sources indicate the President’s daily briefings contained warnings about the growing threat from ISIS more than a year ago!

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

Unlike previous Presidents, Barack “I’m busy golfing” Obama is too busy to attend these daily briefings, so he has them typed up by some poor schlop and he then claims he has read them. Probably between the 11th and 12th hole. My guess is that he doesn’t even read them!

Oh, he has time between strokes to send the racist Eric Holder to further agitate things in Ferguson, Missouri. He has time to stand with the parents of a traitor and gleefully announce his illegal trade of a handful of terrorists to get the traitor back. He has time for redistribution and government-run healthcare.
He just doesn’t have time to do his damn job.

No time to do the most important thing we ask a President to do… to keep us safe. Nope. Too busy on the golf course taking swings with celebrities. The President is acting like some spoiled little brat that should have been beat up in 4th grade.

Barack Obama is not a leader. He’s not a man. He’s not a President.

He’s a useless little victim hell-bent on making white people pay for slavery (when most whites don’t even have ancestors that had anything to do with slavery) by redistributing wealth to the blacks. Don’t believe me? He said it! Check out page one of our Official Obama Administration Scandals list and read the quotes yourself from his 2001 radio interview. Listen to him speak the words and hear them yourself. This is the real Barack Obama.

Americans around the world are not safe. Two more beheadings.

Still no action from President Obama. No plan.

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