2 NY Cops Dead, Is This What Democrats Wanted?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Two New York cops shot to death by an insane man who wanted to go out of this world in his own faux version of glory. Is this what Democrats like President Obama, Al Not-so-Sharp-ton, racist Eric Holder and Bill DeBlasio wanted?

President Obama said on a recent TV interview that this problem of white cops killing blacks is a “systemic problem.” No, in fact it is not. Only 1% of black people killed die at the hands of a white assailant. Former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani says 92% of blacks who are murdered die because another black person killed them. You cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, call 1% a “systemic” problem. 92% is a systemic problem. Ah, but why let facts get in the way, right Mr. President?

Barack Obama lied. Barack Obama added fuel to the flames of racial hatred he so enjoys and benefits from by making his deliberate comments. Ever the victim himself, he uses incidents like this (never let a crisis go to waste) to anger the masses. Why? Because then democrats can ride in on their white horse (I know, ironic) and offer themselves as the only answer to the problems facing the poor black community. He parades out his little racist minion, Eric Holder, to feign concern every single time something like this happens. Holder never gives a crap about any white people who die because he, like Obama, feels the white oppressors deserve what is coming to them. That may make you uncomfortable, but it needs to be said. These are not good people.

It’s been 50 years. The democrats have snowed the black voter in the big cities for 50 years. There has been some progress in that time, but not much. The black family has been destroyed by the democrat War on Poverty (more aptly named the War to Keep the Black Man Down). Poverty is high and so is unemployment. Thanks, Obama.

But democrats like Al Not-so-Sharp-ton run around asking for gun control. After all, they claim, its whites and white cops who cling to the guns and hate black people. The only evidence they can claim to have, which isn’t evidence at all, is when that 1% happens. It’s a glory day for the man who calls himself a “reverend” when a black is killed by a white. He loves it. More money, more power, more influence. What a slime ball.

DeBlasio is one of the "No Tolerance" New York Stooges!
DeBlasio is one of the “No Tolerance” New York Stooges!
Enter Mayor DeBlasio. Why has he let the protests get out of hand? He should not allow them to close streets, block traffic, break windows, and break laws. He has done nothing to support his cops and instead sides with the victims in the 1% cases so he too can profit from the chaos. This is an inhuman way for democrats to act. They’ve been doing it since President Lyndon Johnson, pissed off at the young Bobby Kennedy for siding with black people, created the War to Keep the Black Man Down. Democrats always name their bills the opposite of what they mean (take the “Affordable Care” act for example). Johnson named his the ‘War on Poverty.’ This was nothing more than a way for white democrats in power to destroy black families, ensure continued black poverty, prevent blacks from rising to levels of power and influence and keep their own democrat political power. It’s disgusting.

What better way to continue the false claim that they are the only ones who just love and adore inner-city blacks, than to nominate a HALF-black, half-white man to be President? This Saul Alinsky agitator has played the victim card his whole life.

Obama believes America and American power are the enemy. That includes cops.

Anything he can do to show how awful the US Government is (we “tortured” people in club Gitmo), how awful the US Military is and how awful white cops are is a political win for him.

I wish more people were willing to see the truth. Your failed democrat politicians only gain from these terrible events. They haven’t fixed the situation and they won’t. They don’t care about you. They only care about their power.

So I ask again, is this what the democrats wanted? Way to go DeBlasio. Did you notice the two cops that were killed, Mr. Mayor, were NOT white? A little screw up in your plan there, I suppose.

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