2 Yr Old Obama takes it out on WWII (& Vietnam) Vets

obama stops WWII vets

obama acting like a 2 year old again.

Grow up already, Mr. President!

Stop acting like a spectator helpless to do anything about problems in Washington.

You ARE the president.  Act like one.

You are the Commander-in-Chief.  As such, how dare you close off a public area that costs nothing to leave open just so you can spit like a 2-year-old having a tantrum into the faces of our WWII vets?

If Ronald Reagan were there, he would say, “Mr. Gorbama, tear down these barricades!”

Oh, but it’s not about the WWII vets having a last chance to see their memorial.  Its all about Obama scoring political points so he can have complete control of everything in 2014.  He thinks spitting on our veterans will help him accomplish his goal.  It’s all about him.  If he can blame the ‘weepubuhkinz,’ that would be great for him (he thinks).

As for the WWII vets, he couldn’t give a flying rats rear end!

Stop being a baby.  Take the barricades downStart negotiating daily with republicans until you figure this out.  Drop your ridiculous assertion that you should not have to compromise.  Tea Party republicans won in 2010, taking over the congress.  We know you don’t like it, but that’s tough.  They won and you HAVE TO work with them.  Compromise takes two, Mr. Obama.  You are not a King.  You are not a dictator.  You are not able to just dictate what happens in this country all by yourself.  You are acting like a spoiled little brat child.

Seriously, Mr. President… who the hell do you think you are?

UPDATE:  Team Obama has cops arrest Vietnam Vets at the Vietnam Memorial.  Smooth.  The Weekly Standard has the scoop here.  Jazz Shaw has more at HotAir.com. Mark Steyn’s take is spot on at National Review.

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