2010 Conservative American Contract With America

By Peter Andrew
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The GOP seems poised to retake the U.S. House in November. However, nothing should be taken for granted. Can the GOP also take the U.S. Senate? Perhaps it is time for another 1994-style Contract with America. It would need to be simple, memorable, and resonate with Conservative Americans and Tea Partiers. Below you’ll find my suggestion.


The 2010 Conservative American Contract With America

  1. Lowering Taxes – We’re taxed enough already! Not just saying no to new taxes or tax increases, but saying YES to lowering tax rates across the board for all Americans who pay taxes, and to lowering business taxes to promote economic growth.
  2. Energizing America the Right Way! –Trade wind for nuclear power! Let the private sector figure out if wind and solar energy can be profitable. Get the government out of the way so more nuclear power plants and clean-coal power plants can be built all around the nation right now!
    Trade solar for clean coal! Offer incentives to construct these new power plants so they can supply the energy needed for a strong economy.
    Drill Baby, Drill! Drill here. Drill now. Right now. And Drill any government agency or special interest group that tries to get in the way. Offshore drilling approved now so we can harvest oil off our shores instead of watching as the Mexican and Chinese governments do it!
  3. Repealing the Nonsense! – Vow to repeal any health care reform nonsense the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats pass against the will of the people. Promise that any unspent Stimulus money will be repealed. Use bailout paybacks only to pay down the debt.

That’s it. A simple three-step plan to economic recovery and to restoring America’s greatness! This is what Conservative Republicans should run on and promise to accomplish if given control of the chambers. If the President vetoes the items, Republicans must ask for control of the White House in 2012 and offer a Conservative Republican candidate who will make it happen.


Share this plan with your friends, email it, facebook it, twitter it,… let’s bring this country back to a position of economic strength. We can do it!

The point here is to offer a SIMPLE, understandable and honest plan Americans will support. No 2,700 page plan of bull to save the health of the nation! Just simple Conservative American values in action. Remember, more than 40% of Americans consider themselves Conservatives.

Details. Sure, we can provide details. The marketing message must be simple however. For those who want the details, they should be provided online. Details under reducing taxes, for example, can also include agreement to reduce the size of government…specific ideas for entire departments that can be eliminated or privatized. Time for D.C. to tighten its belt!

Why not be bold (Americans might faint if the GOP actually tried it) and end the practice of unionizing government workers? Why let the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats (and yes, we should CALL THEM THAT) get away with institutionalizing their political party? Why allow them to make themselves the Official State Religion? My plan, the Political Donations Choice Act (also not 2,700 pages) can be found here. America needs to stop and think about things like this. The Progressive-Socialist-Democrats have managed to use tax dollars to create bigger and more powerful labor unions which give money only to them. They use tax dollars to fund their own political agenda. Your tax dollars pay the government workers. Some of those wages go to the union. Most of those dues go to the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats. That’s why I call them the Offiical State Religion. It’s just not right, but they do it anyway. Time for all of that to stop. My plan would do just that.

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