4 Big Reasons Voter Fraud is Possible, Despite What Media Says

The fake news anchors on ABCDEmocrat News, Couric-BS News, MicrosoftNBC News, CNN, even Fox all want you to know that Trump is wrong, confused, deranged even for claiming there is widespread voter fraud.

They all went way out of their way to point out what they called “the fact” that Donald Trump is just wrong, incorrect and has absolutely no basis for his belief that millions may have cast votes illegally.

It is my belief all of these people telling you this are being dishonest, some of them are doing so on purpose to delegitimize Donald Trump.
So why do I believe that? Why is it possible Trump is correct?

1. The press’ main argument against Trump is that there is “no evidence at all” that what he is saying is true. Hmmm. Okay. Isn’t it also true that there’s “no evidence at all” that voter fraud isn’t taking place?! Yes, that is true. They would answer me with a “No,” but read on…

2. The press says countless university studies have proven time and time again that there is no wide spread voter fraud. Think about that a minute.
a. Universities are the front line for liberal nut jobs who always do studies to say how awful republicans are. I do not have faith in these studies at all.
b. The studies are all based on arrests, court cases, minor local items in the local press and discussions with elections officials. All of those sources promise the study organizers there is no wide-spread fraud. They do not factor in at all the fact that many locations do not require any photo ID proving the voter is a legal U.S. citizen. Assuming then, that many (millions?) can easily and routinely vote illegally without being noticed, the studies are all garbage. Of course these illegal, non-citizen voters are not arrested. No one knows they are illegally voting. There are no court cases or local news stories and election officials get no reports of wrong-doing. They are proud of the solid elections they run and gleeful to report that no fraud takes place.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, as the media reported heavily yesterday, must be a looney tunes nut! Wrong. This illegal voting goes unreported and is not included in so-called “conclusive” studies. It is entirely possible (even very likely) that thousands, perhaps even millions, vote illegally without being noticed!

3. The majority of Americans not living in Illinois, New York, California or newsroom studios understand this clearly and easily. They agree with Donald Trump that there is wide-spread cheating during elections. They know that what I have said in 2b above is true. Many who vote illegally do so without fear of being caught.

For the press to pretend they are completely unaware of this possibility is dishonest, misleading and, in many cases, purposefully so.

4. Democrats love illegal immigration. Both democrats and republicans know why. It is because the democrats believe that any illegals they can get into the country are new people they can offer free education and free healthcare to in order to gain their votes! Now, if everyone was being honest (pay attention, Paul Ryan) they would admit this is true. The obvious thing missing here is the honest acknowledgment that the illegals do, in fact, vote! The democrats wouldn’t want them here if it didn’t increase their political power. The republicans wouldn’t want to keep them out if it didn’t decrease their political power. These people vote and everyone knows it.

It’s understandable that David Muir (who dines with the Clintons during the election) and Lester Holt would lie to you. But why are those in the press who normally try to be fair to republicans (Fox News, even Greg Gutfield) going along with this bullshi*?!

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