604 Dead as Obama’s War Deadline Approaches

By Peter Andrew, Author “Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration.”
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One of the many promises made by President Barack H. Obama was that he would have “all troops” out of Iraq in 16 months. That’s coming up in 9 days. He’s no where near fulfilling his promise and has even “redefined” what he meant!

Obama is now following the Bush agreement made with Iraq for the withdrawal of “combat” troops. It’s taking longer than his 16-month meaningless promise. He’s also changed the words “all troops,” to just some of them… ones he calls “combat troops.” He’s planning to leave at least 50,000 troops behind in Iraq for an unspecified amount of time. His own Defense Secretary says it could be many years before they all come home. What? No Exit Plan?!

So much for all his campaign BS of “get out now.” So much for his lie that he’d bring ALL troops home within 16 months. The anti-war progressive liberals fell in love with candidate Obama. Surely they must be upset with him over these key broken promises? Right? Hello? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Meanwhile, the media fascination with ending the war has ended. No more nightly news about the President not having “an exit strategy!” Where’s Obama’s exit strategy for the 50,000 troops he’ll leave behind? Where’s his exit strategy for Afghanistan?

Media interest in counting the deaths disappeared when Obama was inaugurated. The liberal press constantly used stories about the Bush Death Count and so-called “milestones” in the numbers. Just do a Google search for “Bush 500 deaths” and see what comes up. Then try a similar search for “Obama 500 deaths.” Hardly anything comes up with Obama and most of the ones that come up are from our website!

Long ago, we decided to put up an admittedly absurd “Obama Death Count to try to underscore and give an example to the hypocrisy on the left. They were using military deaths for political gain, but were rarely criticized for it. However, I am frequently blasted for the Obama Death Count by people who don’t bother to read the post (which clearly explains the count is absurd and used to demonstrate the absurdity of keeping a death count related to a President). They call me names, question my patriotism and lash out at me for “not supporting” the troops. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The liberal hypocrisy continues. The liberal lies continue. The liberal Obama broken promises continue as well.

Oh, and by the way (did you read what I said above?), the Obama Death Count is up to 604 deaths. To see the list of soldiers who have died since Obama became commander in chief, click here (1-500) and here (501-604 as of this writing). This is the list Conservative American author and radio talk show host Mark Levin has mentioned on his radio show (Now if only he’d mention my book!).

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