7 Governors in Conservative’s Top 10 Candidates for President in 2016

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

walker_media_100 As of Christmas, 2014 there are 7 republican governors in our top ten list of potential candidates for President of the United States in 2016.

Our ranking today…
Top Tier:
1. Gov. Scott Walker

2. Gov. Bobby Jindal
3. Gov. Susana Martinez
4. Gov. Rick Perry
5. Gov. Nikki Haley

Martinez 2016
Martinez 2016
Conservative American Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin continues to top our list of potential candidates. He took on the toughest fight the democrats had to offer and rather easily defeated it. He knows big changes can, and must, be made to achieve big results. Conservative Gov. Bobby Jindal is second on our list.

However, if the democrats nominate a woman like Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton, it might do the republicans some good to remove the “first woman” thing by selecting someone like Gov. Martinez or Gov. Haley. Both have impressive careers and would make strong candidates. There’s no indication from either yet that they would be interested in running. Perry is fairly certain to run, but may not get much further than he did last time.

6. Gov. Mike Pence
7. Gov. John Kasich
8. Rep. Trey Gowdy
9. Sen. Marco Rubio
10. Sen. Rick Santorum

Conservative Governor Mike Pence wants to run and would be an excellent leader. Kasich took on labor unions in his state just like Walker did in Wisconsin but was not quite as successful. He would be good but has not shown any interest in running and may not be able to energize the crowds the way Trey Gowdy could or Marco Rubio. A Gowdy candidacy would be a conservative dream. However, congressmen have very little chance of winning the White House.

Don’t rule out Santorum either. I remember when it was only he and Romney left in the 2012 race. Santorum made the comment that in a year when the issue was Obamacare, it would be wrong to select the architect of the plan, Mitt Romney, as the party’s candidate. Let’s face it; he was right. Santorum would have been a better candidate then, and would be a better candidate in 2016 than Romney.

Below the fold:
11. Rep. Paul Ryan
12. Sen. Ted Cruz
13. Gov. Mitt Romney
14. Gov. Jeb Bush
15. Sen. Rand Paul
16. Gov. Sarah Palin
17. Sen. Kelly Ayotte
18. Dr. Benjamin Carson
19. Gov. Mary Fallin
20. Gov. Sam Brownback

Save our Healthcare Dr. Ben Carson
Some in the second ten want the job very badly including Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Ryan has been with conservatives almost all of the time. However, he strayed a few times and would have to convince some that he’s the best choice. I love Ted Cruz but wonder if he would Palin-ized faster than you can say Sarah.

No thanks to another Romney try. And while Jeb Bush may wind up being the candidate (he will have the support of the Karl Rove republicans), the idea of another Bush running for the White House would be a tough sell to the public even if the RNC thinks he is best. The last thing this country needs is another Clinton or Bush in the White House. Remember we started this whole thing to get rid of royal families!

Rand Paul would have to lose his protectionist moonbeam side to have a real shot. The financial backers also will choose stability and predictability (Bush, Romney) over a Rand Paul. I’d love it if Sarah Palin would run. The GOP and the RNC would have to man up for a change and defend her every step of the way. I’m not sure the old guard would be willing to do that. Kelly Ayotte could be exciting if she would enter the race.

As for Ben Carson, many conservatives are pumped up about his pending White House bid. Here’s the insurmountable problem for Carson; we just learned a huge lesson as a nation that we cannot elect someone with no experience at all. It has been a disaster with President Obama. America should not take that risk again by selecting a candidate like Carson. Disagree? Leave your comments below.

21. Rep. Peter King
22. Rep. J.C. Watts
23. Lt. Col. & Rep. Allen West
24. Donald Trump
25. Gov Bob McDonnel
26. Gov Jan Brewer
27. Sen Tim Scott
28. Sen John Thune
29. Rep. Michele Bachmann
30. Rep. Newt Gingrich
31. Gov. Mike Huckabee
32. Gov. Chris Christie

Most of these won’t run, with the exception of Gov. Chris Christie. We don’t need Newt Gingrich again this time around. He should stand aside. We also don’t need the guitar-playing (reminds me of Clinton and his sax) Huckabee either. Don’t be fooled by his Johny come lately conservatism or his sense of humor.

As for Christie, while he would be fiesty and fun in debates and some Americans will like that, he is not a friend of Conservatives and we don’t want to see him get the nomination. Its quite possible his kiss-up to Obama sealed the fate of Mitt Romney in 2012.

We Conservative Americans plugged our noses and voted for McCain (who still hasn’t had the decency to just go away already). We lost. We plugged our noses and voted for Romney. We lost. We’re not plugging our noses this time. If the ruling elite in Washington, D.C. pick a Christie, Romney or a Jeb Bush, conservatives will no longer just play nice. You’ll see them either stay home in droves or vote for the Libertarian candidate instead. I hope to God someone with a brain in the RNC leadership realizes that another centrist candidate like this would not only anger conservatives, but would virtually guarantee the democrats a victory in 2016.

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