Once Considered “Crazy,” Socialism Talk Now Accepted

Friday, August 21st, 2009

By Peter Andrew
Leading the way Right

ConservativeAmerican.org really has been Leading the way Right on the talk of Socialism. It was one year ago. August 29th, 2008 when we wrote

“The Democrat party has been taken over by the far left (note that the candidate is the most liberal senator in the US and his running mate is 3rd…behind only Teddy Kennedy). They no longer deserve the name “Democrat” and will more accurately be referred to as Democrat-Socialists by ConservativeAmerican.org.”

This was considered “nuts” at the time. It was many months later when the RNC debated a resolution calling on the party to refer to the democrats as socialist-democrats. They did not pass it. Even Conservative American Rush Limbaugh wasn’t using the term, “Socialism” too often back when we started.

Americans were in love with the idea of racial harmony, ridding themselves of media-imposed racial guilt, and electing a “black” man who actually was only half-black. They were clearly done with President Bush and hoped for a change. With a wave of Obewon Kenobe’s hand, we were leading the way in warning Americans “these are not the changes you are looking for.”

It is rewarding today to see people at town hall meetings around this great nation standing up and telling socialist-democrats they are not interested in “Socialist Health Care!” Americans have realized, by a huge majority, that ConservativeAmerican.org was right. We only wish they had believed us prior to the election. (Thinking aloud, he adds…but then we would have Johny MaverDick McCain and a whole other set of problems!)

Here’s more of what we observed one year ago, prior to the election…

The first half-black all-socialist nominee of a major political party in the US is the worst of all choices for conservatives this year. Some will argue with me on that one. Some in our corner think we will need four years of the Obaminable Snowed-man (remember Carter?) to give us a true Conservative like Reagan again. That’s a great deal of suffering to endure to get our guy back in there. While I don’t subscribe to that theory personally, some conservatives are suggesting it. It is almost like Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos in reverse, or in hyper-speed or something. Electing Obama to get what we want can’t be the right choice for us. We may get it anyway if the Democrat-Socialists are successful in running their campaign against Bush (even though last time I checked, he was not running!).

When you want to be “Leading the way Right,” make sure you stop by our site. Unfortunately, the Obamanable Snowed-Man snowed us all and won the election. Now his socialist redistribution of wealth and takeover of the Supreme Court is well under way. Still, there is hope for Conservative Americans.

Independents and even some Democrats are joining us at the town halls to let the Socialists know they fooled most at election time, but they won’t be allowed to Rahm-Rod their socialist agenda through without a fight. ConservativeAmerican.or is joined by other Conservative Americans like you and Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, John Cornyn, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros, Bobby Jindal, J.C. Watts and others in fighting the ObamaCare Nightmare.

And….we just might win that fight.


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