9 Governors, 4 Women in Top 10 GOP 2016 Candidates

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Not just happy feet, but legs and hips too.

Walker 2016
Walker 2016
Nine republican governors make ConservativeAmerican.org’s top ten list of potential 2016 Presidential candidates. From now until the republican convention, you’ll find this list in one of the right hand columns of our site. We’ll change it as the winds of politics change (frequently, in other words). But this is our starting point…

Our ranking today…
Top Tier:
1. Gov. Scott Walker
2. Gov. Mike Pence
3. Gov. Susana Martinez
4. Gov. Mary Fallin
5. Gov Nikki Haley

Gov. Walker is a Conservative American who has taken a blue state red an enacted some major changes which the nation also needs to do. He took on big labor and won. He took on huge government overspending and went from a $3-Billion state deficit to a $1-Billion surplus. Wisconsin under his leadership has been ground zero for conservatives.

Noticeably absent on the Conservative American list is NJ Gov. Chris Christie who ranks 17th on the list behind Sarah Palin and Rick Perry. Christie has not been popular with the Conservative majority. (Side note: the left likes to focus on Christie’s weight… has anyone fit Mike Huckabee into a single airline seat lately?)


Conservative American Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana (left) is a close second on our list and would be a very strong contender. With the 2008 push for the GOP to have black leadership when Sen. Obama was running for the democrat party, there may be a similar push this time for the GOP to have female leadership with Sen. Hilary Clinton running for the socialist-democrat party. That’s why we have 3 women in our top five; Governors Susana Martinez (NM – center), Mary Fallin (OK – right) and Nikki Haley (SC – 2nd row).

6. Gov. Bobby Jindal
7. Sen. Marco Rubio
8. Gov. Rick Perry
9. Gov. John Kasich
10. Gov. Jan Brewer

Our second tier includes four more governors (Jindal, Perry, Kasich and Brewer) and one Senator, Marco Rubio. Conservative American commentator George Will says he believes the GOP will likely pick a governor in 2016. There will be many other names tossed around including…

Below the fold:
Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Rand Paul
Dr. Benjamin Carson
Rep. J.C. Watts
Sen. Rick Santorum
Gov. Sarah Palin
Gov. Chris Christie
Donald Trump
Rep. Paul Ryan
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Rep. Newt Gingrich
Gov. Mike Huckabee

If they run, Cruz, Paul and Carson could quickly move up our list. I do not look for Cruz to run and I don’t think Carson or Paul will get enough support from the ruling GOP elite to gain any traction.

If you had to pick one potential candidate as your number one today, who would it be? Are there candidates not listed among these 22 that you think we are missing? If so, who are they? Please add your comments and feedback. Thank you!


  1. Nikki Haley should be the natural response to the Democrats history making candidates and the messy Romneycare campaign. If Hillary Clinton runs she will be the nominee so I hope the GOP don’t go for another RINO white man on top of the ticket.

    1. Hi Junior,
      I’m right there with you! Did you hear her Gay hair stylist won’t cut her hair anymore because she believes marriage is marriage? So much for tolerance.
      You are always welcome here, even when you disagree. Look forward to more of your comments.

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