A-Freakin’-men! Affirmative Action Dead in Public Colleges!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right
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The US Supreme Court today upheld Michigan’s battle to eliminate race as a consideration for college admissions. The vote was 6 to 2. There aren’t 6 Conservative American justices on the US Supreme Court, just so you know. Some Lib judges agreed with this one.

It’s about freaking time!

Using racial discrimination to fight racial discrimination is as stupid as it sounds. It is using absurdity to eliminate absurdity.

Now black racists, like Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., say blacks cannot be racists. To him, it’s just not possible. The blacks are the victims and so any reaction they have is justified (including hating whites) and, in his mind, not racism. It is nonsense.

This is, and should be, HUGE news…

  • No more minimum number of favored minorities guaranteed admission to public colleges and universities over more qualified students not in those categories! Amen.
  • The ruling should end the “Black Student Unions” so many public schools think are just fine. These racist groups are tolerated while buildings would burn if colleges allowed a similar “Whites only” Student Union.
  • The ruling should also lead to blind justice in admissions, not just for those harmed because of skin color, but also for those judged because of sex or sexual orientation.
  • This should eliminate scholarships offered to students based on their skin color or ethnic heritage. It may not, but it should. The failure to notice these are specifically racist scholarships is like the Biblical story of the man who shouldn’t be critical of others without first removing the spec from his own eye, only the person in our story has a freaking log in his eye blocking his view.
  • No more college “Black Choirs” or any other groups based on racial discrimination.

This is a big defeat for the socialist-union-democrats who have been profiting for 50 years off racial discontent. Perhaps now, Americans will start to see who the real Uncle Tom’s are.

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