A Slobbering Love Affair II – Hillary Clinton – Latest Book by Bernard Goldberg

By David Kraemer – ConservatveAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

slobbering love affair with hillary clinton

Bernie Goldberg’s new book?!

Bernie Goldberg wrote a book a while back called “A Slobbering Love Affair,” detailing the media’s failure to cover any negative stories about Barack Obama and instead issuing only gushing enthusiasm for Obama day afer day, afer day. I think it’s time he start the sequel.

Call it “A Slobbering Love Affair II starring Hillary Clinton.” Goldberg would do a great job at it. We could help him get started with the Hillary Clinton Lies & Scandals List of 191 items!

Now is a good time to start the book, Bernie. The San Jose Mercury News just ran a headline saying “Hillary Clinton Dazzles Crowd at San Jose State!” Yep. That Hillary, she sure is dazzling. At least if you consider the dazzling ability she has to lie.

One of those big lies, the one about how some video causing a protest that resulted in four dead Americans in Benghazi, hs Hillary deciding there’s a time for dazzling and a time for hiding! Hillary Clinton chickened out of an appearance in San Diego where she would have been confronted with a large Benghazi protest and may have come face-to-face with at Smith, mother of Sean Smith ho was one of the four killed. Afterall, if she went how would the adoring media descrbe her as dazzling?

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