A Way to Repeal Obamacare in 2014

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Call it the 66-290 Plan.  It offers a way, a chance, and a hope of eliminating the Obamacare Nightmare once and for all in 2014.

obama doesn't care about you
…about you.
If the Tea Party hooks up with that Energizer bunny for some refueling this fall, the November 4th, 2014 elections could produce a landslide victory for republicans.  Americans upset with the Obamacare Nightmare and the repeated BIG LIES of the democrat ruling elite, have the chance to revolt in the voting booth and take back this country!

Instead of just talking about ‘keeping control’ of the U.S. House and gaining a ‘slim majority’ in the U.S. Senate, why not go for it?  If not now, when the heck would Conservative Americans and Tea Partiers alike have a better chance?


Why not go for majority control big enough in both houses to override a presidential veto?

While the GOP cannot gain a total of the 67 seats needed in the Senate to override the President, it can come very close and that may be enough to pass an override. Chances may be less than slim in the Senate, but if we don’t try, chances will be even worse.

To override a White House veto, a 2/3’s majority vote of those who voted is needed in both the House and the Senate.  If all were present and voted, that means 67 votes are needed in the Senate.  If all are present and voting in the U.S. House, 290 votes would be required of the 435 members.


Right now, the republicans have 45 seats in the U.S. Senate.  21 democrat-held seats are up for election in 2014.  The GOP would have to keep all 15 seats it presently has and win all 21 democrat seats to wind up with a 66 vote majority, one short of what would be needed to override a veto.  But that doesn’t mean the override can’t happen.

When’s the last time 66 republicans ever agreed on anything? It is not likely that would happen.  However, the reverse also is true. A few democrats would likely join in an override vote to replace the republicans who wimp out (we’re talking about the Senate, so we KNOW that will happen).  A few may not be present or voting when the actual override vote takes place.  That can change the numbers needed as well. Bottom line:  even a strong showing in November could give republicans the votes needed to override a veto and get rid of Obamacare this year.


Obamacare. Great Haste. Less Served.
#Obamacare Sucks
Republicans already hold a 233 to 199 vote lead over the socialist-union-democrat party in the U.S. House. All 435 seats (there are 3 vacant seats right now) are up for election this fall.  A super-strong voter rebellion could give the GOP the 290 votes needed to repeal Obamacare (again) and this time to override the veto that would come from President Obama.

It’s not very likely republicans will get that many seats.  They won’t know though, if they don’t try.  And, as in the Senate, they would not need that many to perhaps be able to override the veto.  Congressmen face the voters far more often than Senators and scared democrats who are fleeing the Obamacare Nightmare, may be eager to join in the repeal effort and show constituents that they heard their complaints.


So how about a ‘Conservative American contract with America?’  Get out and vote this November. Elect a strong Conservative American majority in the Senate and the House. Then, in return, we demand the GOP first repeal Obamacare and do whatever is necessary to override President Obama’s veto and put an end to this law.

Republicans may need to require enhanced male anatomy to make this happen (even the women).  They’ll have to remember all of the rule changes, manipulations and technicalities the democrat ruling junta used to pass this nightmare and have the guts to do the same to rid this nation of Obamacare cancer that spreads it socialist venom with teeth marks in the necks of all Americans.

Once that is accomplished, demand number two


The House could then impeach Obama and the Senate could convict him, removing him from office.  The charges could easily number in the dozens, if not higher.

This also would help the republicans in 2016.  Joey Buttafuoco Biden would become President.  He could run as an incumbent against Her Hillaryness, giving him an edge. He could also select New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as his Vice President getting him out of the way as a challenger.  A Conservative American candidate would then be free to run against “That’s just Joe” for the White House.

This kind of thing happened in Wisconsin.  It needs to happen nationally.

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