ABC’s Grier Fair on Race

ABC’s Grier fair on Race

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org – November 9th, 2008

President Elect Obama with his Grandma

President Elect Obama with his Grandma

We have been quick to criticize ABC news for its very bias coverage of this election, especially by Charles Hubris Gibson.  Peter Grier offers a surprisingly fair look at  the impact of race relations on  ABC’s website today.  From the content of the article, I doubt Grier wrote the headline, “Obama’s victory could signal end of racial-identity politics.”

“To his supporters,” Grier says “it offered evidence that it is possible for a national leader to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character – as the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. put it.”  But was Obama really judged on the content or on the color? Grier says evidence shows that race “may have” (you have to take what you can get from ABC news…”may have” is progress for them) boosted Obama on election day.  Obama took 95% of the black vote and gained 41% of the white male vote.  Reporters have been quick to point out that 41% is higher than the percentage Al Gore or John Kerry got.  Keep in mind,Obama is biracial, not black as the media constantly will tell us for the rest of our lives!  The story also offers Conservative Americans hope when it says the “old style of racial identity politics” (like Rev. Jesse Jackson who earlier stated he wanted to cut off Mr. Obama’s manhood for “talking down to blacks”) may be dead.  That could be why Jackson was……crying election night.  It is emotional for him to lose.  However, we still think he was crying because he felt it should have been him up there on that stage.

While the media would like to say racial problems are over, Grier points out “any racial backlash was overwhelmed by voters who said that they punched their ticket for Obama precisely because of the historical nature of his candidacy.”  The  Nature of his candidacy? You mean because he was biracial (or, as the media would say…because he was black) right? That doesn’t match the headline or some of the content of Grier’s piece.  The article wants to say race had nothing to do with it all because, look, white men voted for Obama.  At least Grier is honest in also including the fact many wiped out the Bradley effect by voting for him precisely because of the historical nature of his half-black candidacy.

One final note to Kent Dowden of Chicago, quoted in article as saying “An African-American on a Republican ticket wouldn’t have won.”  You probably are correct, Mr. Dowden, because African Americans have falsely been taught by Jesse Jackson and his type that republicans don’t care about blacks.  That is bullogna and the republicans will have to do a better job of demonstrating that.  As Conservative Americans, we look at the “content, not the color.”  Remember, it was a republican to appoint the first African American to his cabinet.  It was a republican to appoint the first African American to the US Supreme Court.  It was democrats who created welfare, destroying the African American family.  Mr. Dowden, conservatives would like the chance to have a fair discussion with you on what we can offer you, your family, your friends and your customers, regardless of their race. Let’s talk.

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