Ablow Follows our Lead on Michelle Obama’s Weight

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Finally, someone else has noticed Michelle Obama’s Big Fat Problem. Dr. Keith Ablow yesterday followed our lead, allbeit 4 years later, about Queen Michelle and her need to shed a few pounds.

In our post from December of 2010, we wrote…

Queen Michelle Obama says parents can no longer be trusted to feed their kids the right food. Does that mean Michelle Obama’s Mama screwed up?

I hate to do this, but she brought it up… or should I say she brought it down… and even sat on it! Wouldn’t her little war on fat make a wee bit more sense if her own rear end was smaller?

Michelle Obama – Lumps in the Rear End

Michelle Obama has a fat butt

I’m serious! She’s going to lecture us on what to eat and suggest that the government take away our liberty and freedom and tell us what we HAVE TO feed our kids all the while her own bottom is, how shall we say, more than petite?

And just to add some fat around the edges, she tossed in that fat kids are a national security threat! Seriously folks, what in the heck is inside that woman’s brain?! She and her hubby can’t even say the words “terrorist” or “victory,” but they can call our own overweight kids a security threat?

As they talk about in the video below, the Fox ladies were quite upset with Dr. Ablow when he pointed out that Michelle Obama needs to lose some weight…

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