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 ConservativeAmerican.org’s Mission:

To provide creative and fun conservative news and views to the nation.  This is what we do each day.  We want to see all Americans taking pride in themselves, working hard to achieve great things as individuals and never relying on government handouts.  We believe Americans are better than that.  We’re stronger, smarter and more determined to succeed.  We should not look to the government to provide for us.

ConservativeAmerican.org’s Slogan:

Leading the way Right.”

We take pride when the site is first with a story, first getting the story Right, and first to present a particular conservative viewpoint.


ConservativeAmerican.org’s History:

ConservativeAmerican.org  started in 2008 and grew by 2011 to be a Google page rank 4 of 10.  To put that in perspective, Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project is a 4/10, Tammy Bruce’s site is a 5/10, Mark Levin’s site is a 6/10, and National Review Online is a 7/10.  We were growing rapidly and on our way to being an even more influential force in Conservative politics.  Grover Norquist, Jim Geraghty, Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce, Allah Pundit and other well-known conservatives are linking to us and talking about us.  “By September, 2011 the site could have been a full-time job for me,” said founder David Kraemer. “However, the income to be self-supporting doesn’t seem to arrive until one hits a Google page rank of 6.   The site was idled at the end of 2011.  Determined to find a way to make this dream a reality, I restarted in August of 2013 at a Google page rank of 0. Thanks to great people like you, I was able to rebuild to a Google page rank 3 in just 3 months.” As ConservativeAmerican.org continues to grow toward becoming self-sustaining, we intend to produce original news, and continue to be Leading the way Right with sharp,  educational, fun (and even sarcastic) conservative views.

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  2. F. McKinley says:

    I don’t know if I “agree or disagree” or if you are “Nuts” and as far as “leading the way right” goes, I’m not sure what you mean by that all together. My comment is based on a question of whether this website is changing anything? I hear a lot, I read a lot, about everything that is wrong and I know things are terribly wrong, but who is, or who can, change these things? I don’t see anyone changing the direction of our dictating government, and I’m beginning to think no one can. Now, the question begs…Is this website beneficial or just a place to rant?

    1. Peter Andrew says:

      F. McKinley,
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments. We are having an impact in several ways. First, we are informing the public of things they may not have otherwise been aware of. Second, we provide documented and sourced information on the background and actions of socialist-libs like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. These are very useful. One other way we have an impact is by being part of, and influencing, the national debate. More than 210 other websites are linking to us already. We have people talking. Another way we help is by providing articles and content about how Conservative American ideas can make things better for all in America. We have been known to rant, and likely will continue to do so. However, we make solid points and provide REAL ideas of how to make things better. You are always welcome here and we appreciate your thoughts

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