Al Sadr poses Major Threat

If Iraqi Muslim cleric Hakuna Matata Al-Sadr is still alive when Barack Obama takes office, we could have a major problem on our hands.  This friend of Iran is no friend of the USA and yesterday rounded up thousands of his pals to protest against the USA staying in Iraq a while longer.

Obama has said he wants out of Iraq, the sooner the better.  A new intelligence report leaked to the press today says Iran’s pending nuclear power will be one factor that tosses the world into turmoil in the next 20 years.  All Matata (yes, we know it really is Muqtada) has to do is stay hidden until cowboy George W. Bush is out of office, then he has “no worries.”  The US will get out of his way, Iran will give this Pumba all the bugs he and Timon want to eat, and he’ll be a big pig too.  Al-Sadr has been behaving and staying hidden, just waiting for his chance.  So why go public now?  Is he sending a message to Obama?

Perhaps George W. Bush should do us all a favor and blow up this Disney clown before leaving office.  Then we can all sing “No Worries.”  I’ll pass on eating the bugs though, even if they are slimy, yet satisfying.

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