Amnesty High on GOP Agenda, Bottom of America’s Agenda

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way right.

ATTENTION REPUBLICANS: No one wants amnesty!  Drop the topic already!  Americans want to dump Obamacare and get the economy going so jobs are created.  Stay on topic!

As we predicted last month, republicans are falling for the Obama trick to change the subject away from Obamacare to immigration.  And, believe it or not, two Conservative Americans appear willing to help him.

As our David Kraemer wrote earlier

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

“…Here’s the real question.  How quickly will republicans play stupid and join them?!  I wanted to write that the real question was, “Will republicans join them?”  I can’t do that because we know they will join them.  So how quickly? They duped Conservative Americans Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio into pushing the issue earlier this year [2013].  They could be eager to jump back on board.  If that happens, we have to remind Mr. Ryan about his sell-out budget deal that he pushed claiming the GOP could then keep the attention on Obamacare.  If Ryan backs immigration reform, then all of that about the reason for the budget deal was just political double-talk…”

As Rush Limbaugh points out constantly, immigration is not even on the radar screen of important issues to Americans right now.  Americans want jobs, not amnesty. 

But,  from FOX “Oh, Look! Another Blonde Anchor” News today comes this…

“…Republicans left Washington for their annual retreat in Cambridge, Md. High on the retreat’s agenda is immigration, which Republican leaders hope to tackle this election year despite strong opposition from some members. The starting point is a statement of principles that is expected to focus on border and interior security, legalization for some of the 11 million immigrants living here illegally and ensuring that Obama enforces any law…”

So while the issue is very low on America’s agenda, is it any surprise that the permanent republicans in Washington place it high on their agenda?

So what happened to Paul Ryan’s assurance that we needed to keep the attention on Obamacare?!  Hmmmmm?

As Kraemer put it, “Republicans tried the whole amnesty thing (Remember Ronald Reagan?) and it gained us no favor at all with Hispanic voters.”  In Kraemer’s article he suggested an office pool where bets are placed to guess how long it would be before the GOP “dances merrily” into the immigration issue.  If you bet 40 days (Kraemer bet 11), you won.


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