Ann Coulter Links to our ‘Death by Obamacare’ story

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Conservative American author, speaker, blogger and commentator Ann Coulter linked to our story “Death by Obamacare,” a few hours ago.

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AnnCoulter.com Click2Visit

The Julie Stovall story is an important one that needs to be told. Other media outlets need to pick up this story and share it with their readers, listeners and viewers. Not only are millions fewer insured today with Obamacare than were insured before this nightmare, this “law of the land” has actually resulted in the death of at least one American citizen. There likely are more similar tragic stories.

(Oh, and if it is the “law of the land” as President Obama said, why does he keep illegally delaying how “great” it is until after the 2014 election? And, where the hell is congress?)

Ann Coulter was blasted by the left for “making the story up” (another example here) and the liberal so-called “Politifact” website gave her a “Pants on Fire” lie for the story. They were wrong. Coulter was right. We were happy to present evidence that proves it.

photo of first person to die because of Obamacare
ConservativeAmerican.org Picture – Mrs. Julie Stovall, Clifton, Virginia.
See the story of Julie Stovall here.

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Also be sure to read our controversial “Obama Death Count” post. BTW, the number of soldiers killed since Obama became Commander-in-Chief just hit 2,000. Did you hear anything about that from the liberal press? Nope. Silence. Where is the press? You’ll only get the story from us. Hmmmm, I seem to remember the liberal press going nuts when President Bush’s “count” hit 2,000.

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  1. Politifact did not deny that Julie died. Politifact was correct on the two facts that it checked: people in California did not use the ObamaCare website and Blue Shield did not drop people from coverage. Coulter did, in fact, get it wrong in the details – and she has yet to correct those errors. That pattern of behavior leads many to conclude that we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, see http://www.coulterwatch.com/never.pdf.

    1. You are wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt. This is an exact quote from politifact… “But the claim that someone “died from Obamacare” because Blue Shield “completely just pulled out of California” is something we can fact-check.” …Ann never said that Julie died because of anything to do with Blue Shield and she never said that she died because Blue Shield pulled out of California. This was a side note she stuck into the story, perhaps had her states mixed up, Politifact inferred from Coulter what was not implied. Big mistake. Politifact jumped to the incorrect conclusion that Julie lived in California and was dropped by Blue Shield. Neither of which were said by Ann Coulter. Ann did NOT say Julie lived in California and she did NOT say Julie was dropped by Blue Shield. She did say that Julie had trouble getting her Obamacare policy, which is true. Julie did have trouble with that. Politifact did say Ann was a liar about the story and she was not. Politifact also has an inacurate quote on their website: “The woman “had been thrown off her insurance plan, you know Blue Shield completely just pulled out of California.” The correct way the quote should be written is,… “The woman “had been thrown off her insurance plan. You know, Blue Shield completely just pulled out of California.” A slight change that makes a big difference. Politifact ASSUMED that this was all one sentence when it was not intended that way. I know that because I know the facts of the story. I have communicated with the family. This so-called fact-checking website shows its true BLUE democrat color with lines like “Hospitals in the United States are required to provide treatment.” As if Ann said they weren’t. She said no such thing. The facts of the story show that Julie did seek and receive hospital treatment. The entire basis of their “check” was to put forth that Ann Coulter lied about the whole story because she said (according to them) that Julie lost her Blue Shield coverage in California and Ha! Gotcha Ann! That’s not true. By fact-checking a statement that Ann never made nor implied, they brand the story a lie when it was indeed the truth.

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