Another Death Due to the Obamacare Nightmare!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator - Click2Visit
Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator – Click2Visit
Leading the way Right, ConservativeAmerican.org was the first (out of only two) to come to the defense of Ann Coulter after the liberal nut jobs said she was lying about a friend who died from Obamacare. Turns out her story was true and we proved it.

Now, Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator has a second story of death that came as a direct result of Obamacare.
Just the other day, President Obama made one of those ha-ha funny jokes he likes to make and said “And there’s still no death panels.” Uh-huh. No death panels? How about death sentences Mr. President?

photo of first person to die because of Obamacare
ConservativeAmerican.org Picture – Mrs. Julie Stovall, Clifton, Virginia.
Along with Julie Stovall, the law now has also claimed the life of Frank Alfisi. In fact, it was Frank who passed away first, though his story did not gain much attention until Lord’s story in the American Spectator.

Lord writes in his excellent piece that Frank Alfisi’s daughter Amy was given bad news by the hospital after her father had two siezures.

…take in what Amy was told. Frank has now had not one but two seizures and as a direct result is now unconscious — needlessly — because of Medicare’s new “two midnight rule.” Frank’s dialysis doesn’t take one overnight in the hospital, much less “two midnights.” Remember that he was an outpatient, going three days a week for his dialysis treatment and returning afterwards to his apartment at the senior center. But because the new Medicare regulations — which had to be written to comply with Obamacarewouldn’t allow Frank to be admitted and thus dialyzed, Frank was now in very serious, life-threatening trouble… Amy, understandably furious at what happened to her Dad, ends by saying this: ‘In short, my father was sick, but that’s not what killed him. The way he suffered and cutting his life short happened because of a Medicare regulation that makes no sense. But, I guess we had to “pass the bill to see what’s in it.”’

Once it was too late, one of the “50 ways to delay Obamacare,” was to TEMPORARILY fix this…

…the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill popularly known as the “doctor fix.” Included in that bill, according to news reports, is language that “postpones hospital compliance with the controversial ‘two-midnight rule’ and recovery audits of medically unnecessary claims until March 2015.”

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