Another Empty Hillary Promise of “Severe Consequences”

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is soooooooooooooo scary. NOT! Now she is promising “severe consequences” for Pakistan if there ever is a successful terror attack connected to their nation.

Let’s see… “severe consequences,”… hmmmm. That sounds familiar.

You mean like the severe consequences she promised for Iran if they didn’t comply with nuclear program UN resolutions?! Wasn’t the deadline back in January? So far those severe consequences have been President Obama writing personal letters to their terrorist thug of a leader. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Scaaaaaaaaaaary!

Or there was the “severe consequences” Hillary and Barack promised for North Korea. Remember those? If they tested another missile, we were going to get severe with them!!! The only severe consequence they received as a visit from Billy Bob Clinton who swooped in for photos and a long plane ride alone with not one, but two interns.

Gosh, what will the scary “severe consequences” be this time? Another UN resolution?

By Peter Andrew

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