Anti-War Obama Deploys More Ground Forces in… Uganda?

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Obama sends more troops to Uganda
WorldAtlas.com Map – Click2Visit – US Military Fighting in Uganda
Be honest. Did you know we were helping to fight a war in Uganda? Yep. Apparently we have been since 2011.

President B-Rock Obama, who promised to end wars and bring troops home, now is adding more forces and equipment to a battle most of us probably had no idea the USA was involved in. The guy who won the peace prize for doing nothing, now has us involved in another foreign “conflict!”

It’s a war in the African nation of Uganda. We’re helping something called the African Union Military to track down and capture “warlord” Joseph Kony. Kony runs another outfit called the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA.

From the Washington Post

The White House began to notify Congress, under the War Powers Act, of the new deployments as they began Sunday night. Dory and other officials emphasized that the Ospreys will be used for troop transport and that the rules of engagement for U.S. forces remain the same as for about 100 Special Operations troops that Obama first sent to help find Kony in October 2011.

300 soldiers total reportedly are fighting Obama’s new war in Uganda.

I smell the self-described “Cussing and spitting” Susan Rice on this one. She’s the liberal blogger that wanted ground forces in Darfur and US military jets controlling that airspace. She’s the one who repeatedly lied, and still has no regrets for those lies, about the attack in Benghazi. Now she runs the NSA. My hunch is she talked to acting-‘President’ Valerie Jarrett to make this happen. President-in-name, Barack Obama, is probably busy planning his next vacation or working on his golf swing.

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