AP Asks What Color is Obama?!!

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

As Larry the Cable guy would say, “Now that’s funny right ‘der. I don’t care who you are!”  For many months now ConservativeAmerican.org has been pointing out the obvious fact that Obama is not black.  However, the media is in love with his blackness and the whole idea of having a black president.  Historically, it will be a very cool thing for the USA when it happens.  However, it won’t be happening in 2009.

We do not have our first black president.”

The Associated Press has a story called, “Obama’s True Colors; black, white or neither?” running at media outlets around the nation.  Last week they just noticed Obama had some shady friends!  It’s so funny that none of them noticed these things when he was running for president.  Now all of the sudden, AP has opened it’s eyes!  They listed seven shady characters Obama hangs out with that are all just people in his neighborhood; Obama and the Seven Dwarfs.  Now, they just noticed he’s not even black!!!! Here’s some of what they are reporting from the AP story on NBC News today…

The Associated Democrat Press says it is “perplexed” about what to call Obama.  “Debate over whether to call this son of a white Kansan (someone from Kansas) and a black Kenyan, ‘biracial, African-American, mixed-race, half-and-half, multiracial’ — or, in Obama’s own words, a “mutt” — has reached a crescendo”

AP says the big mean old world gave Obama no choice but to be black and he was happy to oblige.  Obama woke up one day and decided it would be better for him to be black. “— that’s how I’m treated and that’s how I’m viewed. I’m proud of it.”

AP continues its humorous journey this way: “many white and mixed-race people now view President-elect Obama as something other than black.  AP says racial terms are fading away and defining people by race is a thing of the past.  Mark my words, they will take that statement back in the not too distant future.  They quote several people who question the need to even be racially identified anymore.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Isn’t that what Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of?

Before you get too excited about the possibility of people not being racially identified anymore, you should know one of their sources (Dartmouth Professor Marty Favor) is identified as a professor of “African & African-American Studies.” Woops, there are those labels again.  Why not live up to King’s dream and drop all the racially divisive black and African studies programs?  Either that, or add some white and European studies programs.  They’d love that.  They speak out of both sides of their foolish mouths.  What they really want to say is that it is okay for people like Professor Favor to racially divide and segment people into categories, but it is not okay for you or anyone else to do that.

Another person AP talked with says each person (well, actually he just said Obama) should get to choose what race they are.  Great, I think I will choose a native American indian tribe that has a successful gambling casino operation so I can be a millionaire!  “Obama has chosen the heritage he feels comfortable with,” says Congressman G.K. Butterfield.  So you can all pick whatever you want to be now.  None of us are going to look at others in racial ways anymore.  This will be so great!  No more whining and complaining about a person’s lot in life simply because of skin color.  They don’t have skin color anymore!  And even if they did, they could just choose another color.  Maybe this is a good idea.

AP also releases this astonishing claim: “One book, “Black People and their Place in World History,” by Dr. Leroy Vaughn, even claims that five past presidents — Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge — had black ancestors, which would make Obama the sixth of his kind.”

“Of his kind…” I guess that is what you can say now since we won’t be identifying people by race anymore.  Maybe Favor can go to Dartmouth and ask to be a professor of “Of His Kind” studies?

AP quotes Christopher Hitchens saying it like it is, but only if you read way, way down into the story.  Hitchens says what we at ConservativeAmerican.org have been saying all along: We do not have our first black president,” the author Christopher Hitchens said on the BBC program “Newsnight.” “He is not black. He is as black as he is white.”

But, they follow Hitchens logic with more double-speak from favor: “For some people it’s honestly confusion,” said Favor, the Dartmouth professor. “For others it’s a ploy to sort of reclaim the presidency for whiteness, as though Obama’s blackness is somehow mitigated by being biracial.”

For Favor, it seems he wants to say, “See, he really is black! See, just look at him! I mean even though he’s only half black you can still say he’s black.  I mean it’s like having a car that has a black front and a white back.  You can say that car is black.”  Yes, Mr. Favor.  You can indeed say the car is black.  That won’t be accurate, but you can say it.  You are wrong to say those who point out your pal Obama is not black only want to “reclaim the presidency for whiteness.”  We are not racist simply because we want to point out the truth about Mr. Obama.  I look forward to the day we have the first actual black president of the United States of America.  It is my hope he or she will be a conservative American.  That day will come one day.  It is not here yet.  It just drives us nuts to watch all the libs on your side, Mr. Favor, go batty over his blackness when it is people like you who hated and despised the actual blackness of Justice Clarence Thomas and others like him.  You did so merely because of his politics.

Unlike you, we don’t want to take Obama’s half-blackness away from him.  We think he has accomplished something great and has moved us further along to the day when we might have a black president of the United States.  What will Obama do with his historic chance to be a leader for blacks in our nation as well as for all Americans?  Time will tell.

AP concludes no one term can do Obama justice.  Oh pleeeeeeeeeease.  The term is “Biracial.” Now get over it.

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