AP Likes Obama’s ‘Racial Comfort’

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Okay, this is just sickening watching the press drool over Obama and spin everything to make him look so amazing. They think he is the new “President of the World.” So some guy named Alan Fram from the Associated Democrat Press (AP) now says when Obama calls himself a “mutt” it just shows how great he is. Obama is able to be in touch with both his white and his black heritage and can even joke about race, isn’t that so wonderful? This fawning over this guy makes me sick.

Obama was talking about getting his kids a puppy and said they will likely go to the pound where there are “mutts like me.” Fram is delighted and says “his offhanded remark indicates his different approach to race.”

Fram wipes the drool from his face and says it just shows how wonderfully and “thoroughly different his administration – and the country – will be.” Oh yes, the white horse rider is indeed Barack Obama. It gets better. Fram continues with this piece of brilliance: “By now, almost everyone knows that Obama’s mother was white and father was black, putting him on track to become the nation’s first African-American president.” What did I miss there? Okay, mom is white…yeah…dad black,…yeah…so he’ll be the first black president….huh?

If Dad was black, won’t his holiness be the first BIRACIAL president? If Mom was white, won’t he be the first president to be HALF BLACK? Or even only HALF WHITE? They spew their template nonsense without even realizing how dumb it sounds. Wait till you hear what else Fram says in his piece posted on MSNBC Democrat News online…

Fram continues, from his heart, “If he thought nothing of such a remark in his first news conference, doesn’t that signal that over the next four years, the country is likely to hear more about race from the White House — and from the perspective of a black man — than it ever has before?” This is just silly. Somebody pinch me. Did Fram really say that? He just got done telling us Obama’s Mama was white!! So how can he now suddenly be all BLACK? Why is the media afraid to say “B I R A C I A L ?” Fram says Obama has such good timing because by 2042 whites will be the minority in the USA. He fails to mention that blacks, like half of Obama, are not the majority minority anymore…Hispanic Americans are. Don’t we need a Hispanic American, or perhaps HALF Hispanic American, President to overcome all our great challenges?

To Fram’s credit, he does mention Obama’s insensitive remark after that same news conference about Nancy Reagan. Obama had to call her to apologize…that’s more of his “comfort” that Fram likes so much. Just gag me now…or make me eat lima beans or something.

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