Are we REALLY Against Terrorism?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Is this nation truly against terrorism anymore? If so, then why…

  • …do we support Hamas and Hezbollah in Palestine?
  • …did we send the Vice President to the funeral of the father of modern day terrorism, Yasser Arafat?
  • …do we provide billions in U.S. Taxpayer dollars to countries like Pakistan?
  • …would we try to be ‘just as kind’ to the terrorists in Palestine as we are to our allies in Israel?
  • …do we sit by and lose the war in Iraq, forfeiting to terrorists who will once again have a nation to call their own?
  • …do we have such a weak stomach for the living Hell that is war? We say we want to fight wars, but then we spend time to make sure civilian targets aren’t hit, women and children aren’t killed, and 24-hour cable stations don’t have any video footage that would make the administrtaion look bad? War used to mean you killed people and blew up things until you achieved complete victory over your opponent. I don’t know what it means now.

If we intend to be against terrorism, then (duh) we should be against terrorism.

That means instead of urging our best friend in the region to stay calm and not over-react to the recent killing of three Israeli teenagers, we join with them in loudly denouncing these deaths and the terrorists who are responsible. Why aren’t at least offering to support Israel’s efforts to put an end, once and for all to Hamas? They would be doing us a favor if they succeed.

Instead, we have a disinterested coward as Commander in Chief who has the Israeli Prime Minister enter the White House through the back door. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. warned us about this way back in October of 2008. From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

Obama Terrorist Scandal #2- Rashid KhalidiAnother terrorist friend, Khalidi was an advisor to the PLO. Obama dined with him, served on a board with him, and Khalidi held fundraisers for Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr. promised one audience that the Jewish influence on American foreign policy would soon come to an end with an Obama victory.

He was right. No more Jewish influence on American foreign policy. Instead, Mr. Obama sides with the terrorists he views as the real victims.

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