Are You Better Off Than You Were 6 Years Ago?

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right
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It was Ronald Reagan’s question, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” It helped him win the White House from Jimmy Carter. in 2014, the question remains relevant. When voters head to the polls in November, they’ll need to ask themselves that question.

They all claimed to hate George W. Bush so much. So, let’s look at how things were at the end of the Bush terms and what the ruling socialist-union-democrat party has done to us since then. The facts speak for themselves.

“Then” -2008
“& Now” -2014
65.7% of Americans Working
Economy sucked
62.8% of Americans Working
Lowest % since 1978
Economy sucks more.
78-million people not in labor force 92-million people not in labor force
14-million more people out of work
Black Unemployment Rate 10.6% Black Unemployment Rate 12.5%
National Average Price for a
Gallon of Gas

When prices were high under
Pres. Bush, news coverage was
huge & boycotts were planned.
Bush was just helping his oil pals!
National Average Price for a
Gallon of Gas

That’s up $1.91 per gallon!
No news coverage. No one cares.
“New normal”
Military Deaths were big news. Charlie Hubris Gibson loved Cindy Sheehan. Dan Rather had nightly pics of soldiers killed. Bush Death Counts were kept to use soldier deaths for political gain. NY Times front page news: 1,000 Bush Deaths Military Deaths are no longer national news. Gibson is retired & Emcee’s democrat fundraisers. Rather left in disgrace. Only one site keeps an Obama Death Count to demonstrate the absurdity of the Bush Death Counts. NY Times ZERO coverage: 1,000 Obama Deaths
Water-boarding terrorists is bad, cruel and mean. Drone-killing terrorists, even an American citizen, is just fine. At least they weren’t tortured.
Guantanamo Bay Prison for terrorists is bad. Guantanamo Prison? Who cares?!
Most black Americans vote democrat. Democrats ran everything. Everything got worse. Most black Americans still vote democrat.
2008: RNC wants a centrist to run for President (Again) 2012 & 2016: RNC wants a centrist to run for President (Again & Again)
2008, 2010 Republicans show up to vote 2012 Millions of Republicans give up on GOP centrists & stay home
2010: Republicans Love the Tea Party 2014: Chicken Sh** misguided Republican ‘leaders’ now Hate the Tea Party!
2010: Democrats scared to death of Tea Party Since 2010: Obama uses government to illegally target political opponents. Democrats still scared of Tea Party. GOP should be too.

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