At Least Rand Paul is Trying

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

ConservativeAmerican.org has been griping for weeks that while the President continues to disregard the Constitution, no one does a dang thing. Checks and balances are failing. Wimpy republicans are scared to death to impeach the media-created “First Black” President.

Well, at least U.S. Senator Rand Paul is TRYING to do something about it. His lawsuit against the administration is about Team Obama ignoring the 4th Amendment by using the NSA to spy on every single American. Our hat is off to him. Way to go!

Now, where are the other 99 US Senators? What are they going to do to put a stop to President Obama’s illegal behavior? And how about Congress? I guess they don’t want to impeach a guy in their own party… oh wait, don’t the republicans run the U.S. House? Doesn’t seem like it.

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