Attacking Syria: Will Obama Offer Specifics He Demanded of Bush?

By Danny Dangerous – ConservativeAmerican.org


The US Navy is gearing up for the attack and has the USS Nimitz heading for Syria right now.

Of course the media will snooze the next couple of days while President Obama tries to get congressional approval for attacking Syria.  What the sleepy, dopey and sneezy dwarf democrat reporters won’t ask is… if Obama will have specific goals, a timeline, or a plan for withdrawal or even an explanation for why any of this matters to the United States.

I know it requires a little bit of brain power (sorry, Obama voters) to remember things that happened a few years back.  However, Conservative Americans remember Obama criticizing Bush for not having an end-game, no plan to wrap up what Ron Paul called “all these wars!”

The disappearing anti-war left (Where the hell have they been?  Where are they now?  What happened to that looney woman camped outside of George W. Bush’s home?) won’t ask for specific goals and timelines.  Not this time. They’re bored now.

The holier-than-thou war protesters are a bunch of frauds!  Fakes!  These hypocrites are ONLY against war when a Republican or, worse yet, a Conservative is in the White House!  They have no problem with any of it when one of their socialist dream-on redistributors is in the White House.  Then it’s no big deal. 

Once again using a little bit of brain power (sorry again, Obama voters), we remember democrat fund-raiser and faux journalist Charles “Hubris” Gibson brushing off a question about why soldier deaths no longer mattered once Obama was in office.  He made some typical liberal comment, avoiding any discussion based on logic, saying well people had to move on at some point.  Gosh, really Chucky?  Kind of a convenient time you picked there, eh?  Takes a lot of hubris on your part to pretend you were ever a real journalist.  You were nothing but a partisan hack!

So, Miss reporter out ‘derask the Commander what his specific goals are!  Ask him how he will plan to wrap up the effort and what will success look like? Ask him for a friggin’ timeline!  Then if you really want to have more guts than all those male reporters who have democrat puppet strings tied around their )(*_@)(*#@’s, you could actually follow up and hold him to what he says.

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