Axelrod Advising on Syria – Called it!

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Fox “Oh look, another blonde anchor” News is reporting today that President Obama is getting advice on what to do in Syria and how to deal with congress from his campaign team! Astroturf inventor David Axelrod is helping Obama to plan his strategy. Just what we did not need… another Chicago Socialist planning our next move!

On Sunday, ConservativeAmerican.org’s David Kraemer posted that while the President was unsure of how to proceed, “David Axelrod figured it out.” The post suggested Axelrod explained to the President the no-lose option of going to congress. No matter what action congress would take, Obama could blame the republicans if it goes wrong and claim the glory if it doesn’t.

Called it!

Meanwhile, the first white-black President now is claiming he did not, in fact, draw a red line when yes, in fact, he did! This serial liar is having problems. Even Johny MaverDick McCain reportedly bailed on bombing Syria this morning.


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