Baby Baracka Closed the Deep Blue Sea!

(Sing this to the “Baby Beluga” song by Raffi)

Baby Baracka closed the deep blue sea,
No little fish for you or me.
Heaven’s above but the sea’s still closed,
Cuz a half-white Prez says so.

Baby Baracka, baby Baracka,
You cry all day when you don’t get your way,
With you so crabby.
Baby Baracka
Way down yonder where republicans play,
You could go, but you say no way,
The press rolls in and the press rolls out.
While the lies keep squirting out your spout.

Baby Baracka, oh, baby Baracka,
Cry your little eyes, cry for all your friends.
They like to hear you.

When it’s dark, you’re home and fed.
Curled up snug in Michelle’s waterbed.
Truth is shining and the facts get out.
Too bad, Baracka, go pout.

Baby Baracka, oh, baby Baracka,
With tomorrow’s sun, all your fun is done.
You’ll soon be negotiating.

Baby Baracka in so deep with lies,
It takes two sides to compromise.
Heaven’s above but the sea’s still closed,
If you can’t get your way then you just won’t play
You’re just a little baby who just won’t go… away.

– Political satire by Peter Andrew, ConservativeAmerican.org

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