Beat on the Brat, Wisconsin-style

A sad story out of Milwaukee this week. News reports say two teenagers and a 20-something got into an argument with the 39-year-old maintenance man of a building and then at least one of them used a small baseball bat to beat the man while another held him down.

Thank God for new conceal and carry laws in Wisconsin. The maintenance man had a permit to carry and conceal a gun. He had it with him while he was being beaten with a baseball bat. He somehow was able to take the gun out and fired at least twice, killing two of the three who were part of the brutal attack. The two killed were both teenagers, one a boy and one a girl.

If not for conceal and carry, that maintenance man may have been killed. The law saved his life. He has been arrested while police try to gather evidence and there may be a cell-phone video of what happened. It is not clear if he will face any charges or not. If the killing was indeed self defense, no jury will convict that man for doing what he needed to do to save his own life.

It’s a sad state of affairs when teenagers think they can solve a problem with a baseball bat. Did they really think they could just beat someone up with a baseball bat and get away with it? Did they expect to just walk away? Expect no consequences? These two may have learned the hard way that this is not the case in Wisconsin anymore.

News reports say the two killed were engaged to be married and had two kids of their own. As you might guess, and as WISN News reports, the young man who died is being called a good person by his aunt. “(He) was the kind of person that was lovable, was respectable” The news report says the aunt was watching one of the kids of the two people killed and the father was there to pick up the child. The report says the aunt was being evicted from the building. It is not clear if that was the issue the argument was about.

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