Beck Palin Interview

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Glenn Beck started his new FOX TV show today with ratings-grabber Sarah Palin. Beck says he is the father of a special needs child and he held back tears today as he introduced Sarah Palin.  He said he had called her when her son, Trig, was born.

Palin told Beck that with the recent election, gender and race should never again be a barrier for someone seeking elected office.  She says she is optimistic about Obama’s plans for inclusion and believes he does have a sincere desire to bring people together.

She and Beck agreed that they both thought he was a good person and a sincere man but had doubts about his policies.  Palin said she had already spoken out against Obama’s policies on energy development.  Beck asked if Palin was worried about the global effort to discredit capitalism.

“I’m scared to death of that!” Palin answered. She said we should not be looking to government and huge bailouts to save us, but instead should look to individuals.  Palin said her daughter Willow heard a news report about a tax cut for 95% of Americans and commented that she thought that was a good idea and then asked, “What about the other 5%? Who are they?”  Mrs. Palin explained they were the very wealthy business owners.  Willow wanted to know why they should be punished.  “Out of the mouths of babes!” Palin said.

Way to go Willow!  YOU get it! Ah, there are certain moments of joy in raising conservative kids!  Beck read her a couple of softball questions (they were comments really) from listeners.  He also asked when the last time was that she went through a drive-through and ordered food herself.  “It was two days ago at Dairy Queen,” she said.  She also pumps her own gas.  Her smile, her choice of words, the way she speaks…you can tell why the liberals hate her.  She simply doesn’t communicate the way they have all decided is the correct and proper way to speak. That’s one of the reasons conservative Americans love her!

Palin also said that the birth of her son Trig, who has Downs Syndrome, is the best thing that ever happened to her or her family.  “I learn more from Trig than he’ll ever learn from me.  He gives you a perspective in life about what’s really important.”  She said those things included family and the value of every human life.

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