Betrayal: The Media Shutdown

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

The only thing actually closed during the government shutdown is the media!

The lamestream media is failing the nation.  No, it’s worse than that.  Reporters have betrayed the American people by refusing to do their jobs.  Headline after headline, story after story, sentence after sentence the shutdown blame has been placed only on John Boehner and the republicans.

Studio_cameraThe media is no longer interested in letting facts get in the way of their fairy-tale dream of the nation’s first black president (he’s actually just as white as he is black and even called himself a “mutt”) having an amazing legacy and a future face on Mt. Rushmore so the world will just be a happy place without racism or white racial guilt.  This seems to be the reason they just parrot out whatever the democrat talking points are.

When I received my journalism degree in 1986, my favorite teacher was an older gentleman who once got mad at me for not taking notes in class.  I told him I didn’t need to take notes because I was listening to every word he said (and I was).  We made a deal that if I did poorly on the next test, I would start taking notes.  I got an “A.”  I was so eager to soak up that man’s knowledge and wisdom.  Back in those days, the teachers actually talked about keeping your own opinion out of the news and telling both sides of the story.  I wonder what they must teach now.  It probably goes something like this, “You have a duty to tell the truth in your news reporting.  If blame is more on one side than another, you have to tell people that.”  So much for fairness.

The so-called “4th Estate” of our society was supposed to be the media.  This group used to serve as yet another check and balance on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.  Today, they only do this when republicans like George W. Bush are in office.  For example, remember Dan Rather‘s nightly fake sadness about all the soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan?  As soon as Barack Obama was elected, their concern ended.  More soldiers died in Afghanistan, the war Obama said was the correct one, under Obama than Bush.  Many more.  It simply was no longer an issue.  Because the likes of democrat fundraiser (he really was, look it up) Charles Hubris Gibson simply didn’t need this story anymore to get rid of the republican leadership.

This lying, manipulation and fake concern designed only for political purposes is one big epic fail for the pressThe only time the Americans get the truth is when a British reporter decides to print it.

The latest example of U.S. press failure comes from the Associated Democrat Press: a poll they took showing that (as they put it) “GOP gets the blame in shutdown.”  While more people blamed the republicans in the pool for having most of the responsibility, they also blamed democrats and gave them some of the responsibility.  So the headline is not quite true, is it? It doesn’t matter anymore.  If it fits the conclusion they have come to ahead of time with the help of White House democrats, then they cover the story and spin it just as Jay Carney wants them to.

I won’t even question the poll results.  Let’s assume it is 100% accurate.  Why wouldn’t the American people put most of the blame on the GOP when the media betrays the citizens of the nation daily by refusing to provide fair, unbiased, equal or balanced coverage of issues.  The public was programmed ahead of time by the press to blame the republicans.  Once the fake shutdown took place, the full court press was launched to enforce this predetermined conclusion that the shutdown is all the GOP’s fault.

It doesn’t matter that this situation has happened 27 times before and the prior Presidents have negotiated all 27 times.  What matters to the press is that President Obama said this has never happened before!  It is another of his outrageous lies.  If George W. Bush lied daily and could no longer control his urge to lie, we would have story after story interviewing mental health experts about what kind of mental problem this republican must have that causes him to lie constantly.  The stories would necessarily conclude that the republican president is not mentally stable enough to continue to hold office.

Barack Obama is that man.  He simply cannot restrain his eagerness to lie.  He cannot contain his joy when the media betrayers simply repeat what he says as if it is fact.  He knows that most Americans still believe the President would never, ever lie to them.  It doesn’t matter how many facts Conservative Americans present.  The media ignores these facts because they adore Dictator Barack.  Instead, they parrot out the lie that Conservatives and Tea Party-types are “extremists” people on the “fringe” and even “anarchists.”  They just repeat it.  There aren’t any fair interviews with Conservatives to discuss how ridiculous this is.

The press has betrayed all Americans.  The only real thing that has shutdown in the United States of America is the media.

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