Biden claim: No Body Counts from Iraq War!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

By Peter Andrew
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Vice President Joe, Joey Buttafuoco, “Bite-me”, Biden says there are no body counts from the Iraq war! We all know he’s an idiot, but this one perhaps takes the cake. WTH is he talking about?

Remember all the Bush Death Counts the left kept when it was Bush’s war? The pathetic Danny Rather at Couric-BS News kept a nightly vigil going, for pete’s sake.


BIDEN: “I think Americans will recognize that there aren’t body counts . . .that they got 95,000 people home.”

That’s the outrageous and nonsensical claim made by the Vice President of the United States. One heart beat away. Amazing.

Hey Joey, there are indeed body counts. There are thousands of lives that have been lost, and many more that have been changed forever due to the sacrifices those in our military have made in Iraq. You’re just hoping all that talk of body counts goes away now that you’re in the White House! It was sure okay with you when Georgey Boy was in there!

Oh, and BTW, Joey… a total of 706 soldiers have lost their lives since you and your socialist pal, Obama, took office (as of 7/6/10). But who’s counting?

Oh yeah… we are.

ConservativeAmerican.org has been the leading critic of the Bush Death Counts and has used the absurdity of an Obama Death Count to demonstrate the absurdity of what the left did during the Bush terms. Our frequently misunderstood “Obama Death Count” continues to rile up the left.

Yet today from the Official Obama Administration Scandals List comes this…

Biden Says “There Aren’t Body Counts” From Iraq war!!! 7/6/2010Thousands of U.S. Soldiers have died during the Iraq war, yet the Vice President apparently doesn’t count them! Nor does he count the 706 (as of 7/6/10) soldiers who have died since he and President Obama took office. The Vice President, just returning from Iraq, made the following outrageous statement: ““I think Americans will recognize that there aren’t body counts . . .that they got 95,000 people home. That will be noticeable that they’re home.”

This is a tremendous insult to the families of those who lost a loved one in the Iraq war. The Vice President owes them an apology.


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