Billy Bob Clinton Attacks Blogs

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Former President Billy Bob Clinton is a hypocrite.

He says right-wing blogs, talk radio and Fox News (yawn…that sure is getting old) are to blame for everything that might ever go wrong anywhere. He saysstirring up distrust of the government resulted in the Oklahoma City bombingand could happen again today. Further, he suggests if it does happen, the blame is on conservative blogs!

SIDENOTE…(Hey, didn’t Sarah Palin blame bloggers for creating problems? Is Bill Clinton just like Sarah Palin now?!)

He seems confused. Perhaps his memory is failing him as he struggles with his new life OUT of power. Because he was remarkably silent as distrust in the government (“Bush Lied!”) and pure hatred for our President filled the left-wing blogs, filled the defunct liberal Air America and appeared wall-to-wall on the Democrat Party’s Couric-BS, ABCDEmocrat News, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc., etc. That kind of distrust and hatred was just fine and dandy with ol’ Billy Bob, smoking a used cigar in his oval office. That hatred stirred up by him and his pals resulted in death threats and how-to-kill manuals against Bush. No prob there, eh Bob?

Odd, I don’t recall him saying anything at all… not even a little teeny peep… about all the Palin Bashing either. He has no problem with the effort to simply transfer all the Bush-hatred to Sarah Palin, his wife’s presumed 2012 opponent.

So WHY would Mr. Clinton utter such nonsense? He knows there are, and always have been, crazy people on the fringe of all political groups. Sometimes, those nuts actually pull something off. Some of them are liberal nuts (ie: John Kerry and Jane Fonda lying about troops for their own stardom and political gain) and some of them are just plain nuts.

At least two things are possible.

One: Billy Bob Clinton knows what he is saying is solid bull and is saying it to stir things up and create that same kind of violence. This, he believes, would prevent any republican landslide in November and could usher him… er, uh… his wife back into the White House in 2012. That could explain his silly behavior.

Two: Perhaps he honestly believes what he is saying. If that’s the case, the man needs psychological care. Stat. No nursing interns, please. And no smoking on the Hospital grounds, Mr. President. Leave the old cigars at home.

The former Prez is right about one thing though. He says there are parallels between Timothy McVeigh and what is happening now. Yep. In both cases, Mr. Clinton was unable to keep his mouth shut and go away.


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