Blizzard Panic – Cable News Frenzy

The cable news shows are just plain funny tonight. OMG! There might be a huge blizzard, so the politicians jump in and close everything and make it illegal to move in New York City! Then the news guys come back on and say, woops, maybe it really won’t snow that much in New York City. Might go to a different area and might not be so bad.

Then Shep on Fox News says “The politicians will have some explaining to do!’ Say WHAT? You mean the cable news guys like you, Shep, who created the frenzy will have some explaining to do.

They’re expecting 2 to 3-feet of snow. Or maybe 2 to 3″. The weather lady comes on and says Gosh, she has such a hard job. It’s just plain not possible, she explains, to predict snowfall totals. Then in the next breath says with a straight face that they know for sure the snow will fall 3 to 4″ per hour overnight.

I’m sorry, but I’m from Wisconsin and watching the wimpy East Coast newscasters panic over something that hasn’t even happened is funny. They go to a reporter on the scene who says its 30-some degrees out (that’s called a nice day in January in Wisconsin) but OMG! with the windchill it feels like only 12 degrees. Last year we had actual temperatures of 20 and 30 degrees below zero and we lived.

The level of excitement and panic before anything has even happened is… oh, what’s that word the President loves so much?… oh yeah, it’s ‘unprecedented.’ Continuing coverage, they call it, of the “upcoming” winter storm. How can you “cover” something that hasn’t happened?!

They’re stopping planes, trains and automobiles in advance of anything happening based on certain forecasts that the forecasters say are impossible to be certain.

Ah but stay tuned, the Epic Blizzard of a lifetime continues live throughout the night, brought to you in part by [insert local cable tv ad here].

Put some coats on, drive slower, and relax. We’ll actually get through this.

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