Blue Cross Blue Yield

Blue Cross Blue Yield
Blue Cross Blue Yield

In the Obamanation we are living in, big corporations have to bow down to his Barackness.  When Barack says jump, they ask how high.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has reportedly been told by Team Obama not to tell anyone how many people have (not) signed up for the Obamacare Nightmare so far.

Maybe we should call them Blue Cross Blue Yield!

This country is out of control.  Our system of checks and balances is failing.  The media, the so-called 4th estate, has failed the American people.  The president threatens and intimidates corporate leaders and, awe shucks, that’s not even worth a mention on the nightly news.

Can anyone say Ted Cruz for President?

And how is it, that when the government works for us, the government just decides it simply doesn’t want to release enrollment numbers on the Halloween Obamacare Nightmare?  Who do they think they are? Kathleen Sebelius or something?!

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