Boehner DHS Sell Out? Time to Send Him Packing

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

There’s news today that (here’s a big surprise) Speaker of the House John Boehner has sold out Conservative Americans… again. Supposedly he and fellow Conservative-haters Mitch McConnell & Nancy Pelosi have all reached some kind of cozy deal to fund the Department of Homeland Security long-term without getting rid of the President’s illegal executive order on immigration. Boehner’s staff denies there is a deal.

Orange is the new black
Which one looks more black?

Did any of us really think there would be any other outcome?

With Chicken-S**t GOP leaders, terrified of the democrat-run media placing blame on them, we all knew this would happen. For some baffling reason, the permanent republicans in DC have no idea how to fight back in the press. They have no desire to do so. They have no idea how to get out in front of (prior to) easily foreseen press attacks.

For someone like Trey Gowdy, fighting back comes naturally. He knows how to do it and fears no one. We need Gowdy to take over as Speaker of the House. Boehner can spend his time in tanning salons trying to make himself look more like President Obama with each passing day.

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