Budget Deal? Or Raw Deal?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan


So Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan, former GOP VP candidate, has reached a tentative bipartisan “budget deal” to avoid letting Senator Ted Cruz go after the Obamacare Nightmare again in January. Congressman Ryan has no intention of letting Mike Lee and Ted Cruz be the leaders this time when it comes to a budget battle that could shut down the government (like the last one they blamed on Cruz and the Tea Party).

Fox “Oh, look! Another Blonde Anchor” News gives us some ugly details…

“The proposal would restore about $63 billion in funding that had been cut by the so-called sequester. Officials said the increases would be offset by a variety of spending reductions and increased fees elsewhere in the budget totaling about $85 billion over a decade, leaving enough for a largely symbolic deficit cut of $23 billion over the next decade.”

So, the GOP caves in and gives Team Obama $63-billion back from the ever-so-small funding cuts from the sequester and what do we get?

Team Democrat also gets “increased fees elsewhere.”  Increased “fees?!”  You mean additional taxes for Americans?  Seems to me the GOP caved in completely.  The only thing coming back is the promise of future, someday down the line, maybe, pretend cuts.  Uh-huh.

We need term limits.  These career politicians just don’t get it.  Paul Ryan used to be one of the outsiders.  He used to be a champion for Conservative Americans.  Now he’s the guy trying to give Obama a victory with an immigration deal.  Now he’s the guy helping team Obama with a budget deal that could avoid another FAKE shutdown this January.

The whole run for the VP job seems to have ruined a part of Paul Ryan that we really liked.

Ya know, the GOP gave us centrist Johnny MaverDick McCain.  Then centrist Mitt Romney.  Seems Mr. Ryan is positioning himself as the new centrist for a run in 2016.  That’s why we asked a month ago if Paul Ryan is “the new John McCain?”

So, do we have a budget deal here? Or did Conservative Americans get a Raw Deal (again) instead?


  1. They should take heed of how President Ronald Reagan was duped by the Democrats. The spending cuts they promised him never materialized.

    And by the way! Is $22.5 billion worth of spending cuts over ten years really the best we can do? I think they should take a closer look at what is actually being spent.

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