But Kerry DOES Favor Hamas & is a Walking ‘Misinformation Campaign’

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

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Barack Obama & John Kerry – Weak & Weaker
So let me get this right. Team Obama is upset with Israel because Israeli diplomats have said publicly that John Plastic Face Kerry favors Hamas?!! Susan Rice and others say Israel is conducting a ‘misinformation campaign’ against Kerry?!

On the old cartoon show, “Tennessee Tuxedo,” Tennessee would frequently say, “Now, wait a minute.” Seems appropriate here.

John Plastic Face Kerry DOES, in fact, favor Hamas in its dispute with Israel. That’s the truth.

Before Barack Hussein Obama became a candidate for President of the United States, he was pals with a terrorist supporter of the PLO named Rashid Khalidi. From the Official Obama Administrations Scandals List way back in 2009…

“Obama Terrorist Scandal #2- Rashid Khalidi – Another terrorist friend, Khalidi was an advisor to the PLO. Obama dined with him, served on a board with him, and Khalidi held fundraisers for Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr. promised one audience that the Jewish influence on American foreign policy would soon come to an end with an Obama victory.”

We knew any Obama administration would be anti-Israel before Obama was even elected in 2008 (or 2012). This is not news, nor is it a surprise. Israeli leaders have simply stated the truth here. That truth has apparently hit a bit too close to home for Obama and his anti-Israeli pals. Seems to have pissed off some hot heads in Washington!

Well, how would you like to be Israel? That nation is constantly being told what to do by the USA. And the “what to do” is consistently (and not just from the current President) to sit down, calm down and back down. Why in the hell should they?! For decades Israel has given in to this international pressure, even allowing self-governance in Gaza. And to what end? This has been a permanent disaster, just as it was planned to be.

We have no right to tell Israel to just keep taking it… to just stand by and let Hamas lob rockets at them all day, every day, all month, all year, year after year. We would never stand for such nonsense. Nor should the people of Israel. They are right to stand up and blast the plastic-faced Kerry for his plastic, pre-molded response to the situation.

Instead of siding with our friend and ally, Israel, team Obama uses its victim mentality foreign policy again and sees Hamas as the victim and the only side it can align with.

Now, wait a minute!
Now, wait a minute!

And “Misinformation?!” John Kerry invented misinformation by lying for decades about the Viet Nam war in order to gain his own fame and power. Now he has the audacity to claim others are spreading misinformation about him?! Forgive me for laughing when Tennessee Tuxedo gets Mr. Whoopee and his magic blackboard to spell “Hypocrite.”

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