Capitalism Takes Corporate Jet out of Town

Capitalism Takes Corporate Jet out of Town

American Dreamliner Now Departing – Gate 9

Remember the scene in Iron Man where he’s on his luxury corporate jet flying over to the Mid-East? He’s got the wine flowing, the babes dancing and he is enjoying the luxury he worked so hard for.  Who wouldn’t love to have a plane like that? (Okay, I’m sure the ‘babes’ part is nice too.)  Some people get them.  They work their butts off, put in long hours, climb the corporate ladder, run the company and maybe even buy the company!  As they work harder and prove themselves, they gain rewards along the way.  Some of them wind up with corporate jets they can use for business or pleasure. That would be so awesome! Socialists want to take our wine, women and way-cool planes. This has gone too far now.  We’re living in a crazy time though.  “Republicans” propose huge nationalization of private industries that must be approved by Monday morning or the economic sky will fall.  Democrats want to have government-run health care.   And the corporate jet has become…

E V I L !

Even our pals on Fox News run endless stories about ‘brainless corporate execs‘ still flying around in snobby, evil corporate jets.  What’s the problem?  Well, it seems they don’t quite own the company anymore.  They sold their souls to the devil of socialism.  Attempts to supposedly keep the ‘capitalist planes’ flying by having the government take over private firms are destined to send the the American Dreamliner into a tailspin.

We have written numerous times before about how preventing the failure of capitalism with such methods only ensures the failure of capitalism.  The nationalization of industries must be fought.  If we all work for the taxpayers, then none of us can have that American Dreamliner.

Taxpayers won’t want to pay the bill for fancy planes, wine, or the nice looking ladies.  We can’t let that happen!  Listen to me, man! Do ya hear me? (shakes shoulders of reader) THEY WANT TO TAKE OUR WINE, OUR WOMEN AND OUR PLANES! For the love of God, we can’t let them get rid of capitalism!  Then we’ll be forced to fly coach class or baggage class or something.  While we might get to sit next to a whining Lindsay Lohan, it just won’t be the same.  While she may look nice (back up, I said “may”), she’ll be checking out the girl in the other aisle instead of the guys!

See where this leads?  This whole socialism thing is for economic girly men!

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