Caroline Kennedy is a Joke

The Associated Democrat Press and Fox News are reporting that Caroline Kennedy didn’t even vote in the election for the US Senate seat she now feels should be hers! I guess being the daughter of a President who won when his father bought enough votes in the dirty Chicago political arena teaches you that voting doesn’t really matter that much.

She issued a very lame statement:

“I was really surprised and dismayed by my voting record,” she told the Associated Press. “I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention.”

Oh, okay then. Now that it has been brought to your attention, we’re all okay. Right? What kind of lame answer is that? She was surprised to learn she hadn’t voted??? Would she be surprised to learn she is married? Would she be surprised to learn she never has driven a car? That’s a stupid answer. She is “uninformed” as Barbara Walters likes to say. It takes a lot of Hubris (thank you Charles H. Hubris Gibson) to pretend you are qualified to be US Senator when you’re dismayed by your own lack-of-voting record!

It’s okay though, the liberals in the media love you and have already promised not to destroy your political career like they tried to destroy Sarah Palin.

PS – Since it’s okay for the media to talk about the sexy hunk Obama, can we point out that Caroline Kennedy needs to work on her posture and make-up or would that suddenly be unfair?  Is it only okay to comment about them when they are democrats and the comment is positive?

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