CBO Warned Congress in 2010 that Premiums Would Rise


People around the nation are experiencing sticker shock as they examine their new, more expensive, health options. But I thought His Barackness promised us the average person’s premium would go down by $2,500 a year?!

Actually, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned in 2010 that costs for individuals seeking insurance would likely increase 10-to-13%. If you add a zero to those numbers and make it 100-to-130%, it would be more accurate!

From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies – Premium Costs for Individuals Will Drop “14 to 20%” 3/1/2010 Verum Serum (Truth Serum) reports, “the CBO reported that these premiums on average will increase by 10 to 13 percent, and for families who obtain coverage directly they will actually increase on average by 16%, or $2100 per year by 2016.”

Though we have been talking about this for years, many simply were not interested until they realized they would be the ones asked to pay for this Nightmare!

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