Christie is Back? Why GOP Should Run Away Fast

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

What’s that thing about fool me once, fool me twice? Now a third time? It is fascinating to watch the press all saying how great a job New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaking at the CPAC conference. “He got a standing ovation!” They seem so easily impressed.

Conservative Americans stood by while the GOP picked Johnny MaverDick McCain as a candidate. He was a centrist and the media love him, they told us. Most of us plugged our nose and voted for the bozo. He didn’t deserve it. If there’s one person we can count on in the U.S. Senate to put an end to conservative ideas, it’s Johnny MaverDick McCain.

Then the GOP presented us with the man who basically wrote Obamacare, Mitt Romney. He was touted as another centrist. When push came to shove, Candy Crowley knocked him out with a lie that he had no response to. Fewer Conservative Americans were willing to plug their noses and give him the “Yes” vote. If the number of republicans who voted in 2008 had shown up to vote in 2012, Romney would be president.

So, the centrists fooled the GOP once, fooled them twice. Is the republican party truly stupid enough to put up yet another CENTRIST to run in 2016?!

So Christie gave a speech. So he got a standing ovation. Woopee. He’s still Chris Christie. He has no track record at all of being a friend to the GOP (embracing Obama) and especially no record of siding with Conservative Americans. He’s right that we need to tell the people what we are for. He’s wrong when he says we should lay off the whole “what we are against” thing. 100% wrong. We are against Obamacare and it needs to be completely repealed.

The real winner yesterday was U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Conservative American from Texas. He spoke with passion, enthusiasm and an honest belief that morning remains on the horizon for the great United States of America. He presented concrete ideas of what he is for and clearly explained what he is against.

There will be more speakers over the next few years, more ups and downs for candidates. But please, for the love of God, let’s not have the GOP pick yet another centrist.

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