CNBC’s Santelli Gets Spanked

CNBC’s Rick Santelli got an official spanking for his truthful outburst on the unpopular Obama Bad Mortgage Bailout Plan.  First he had to answer to Daddy, over at parent company NBC when Brian Williams came after him.  Williams wanted to know how Santelli can be so mean when people were dragged in to banks and forced to take bad loans!!! Huh? Then he had to answer to NBC’s brat boy, Matt Lauer.

Williams and the other democrat-socialists are all drinking Kool-Aid. Why would he lie and say that people were told it was their patriotic duty to take a home they could not afford? Where in the heck does that nonsense come from?

If they’re drinking Kool-Aid, I suppose there’s no problem with Conservative Americans drinking some of that capitalist tea!

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