Commander Obama Unsure What Troops Are For – ISIS? Non-Combat? Ebola?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – With Arms Wide Open.

President Obama won’t use 2,000 troops to fight ISIS, but he’s using 3,000 to fight Ebola?! So, instead of using soldiers to do what they are trained to do, he’s using them to do… well, things they are NOT trained to do!


We have a Commander in Chief who actually has no idea what to do with soldiers. He’s the first President uncomfortable with “victory.” He’s the first President ever to refer to soldiers as “non-combat troops.”

Uhm… paradox anyone? “Soldier” and “Non-Combat” don’t go together, Mr. President. They can’t go together by definition.

Non-Combat Soldiers
Non-Combat Soldiers

So, while he promises his Code Pink lefty friends there won’t be any “boots on the ground,” in Iraq or Syria, he puts boots on the ground in Africa. And in case there is any confusion, the whole “boots on the ground” thing is a great big lie! Of course there are boots on the ground in Iraq. There are more than 1,000 “non-combat” combat soldiers on the ground in Iraq right now.

Obama boots on the ground

So while he sings his song on American Idol, the truth is there already are boots on the ground. He just won’t let them do what they are supposed to do: kill bad guys and blow up things. Instead, he uses them to “combat” Ebola.

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