Conservative American blasts NAACP as Racist, Not Tea Party

By Peter Andrew

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Update: Bill O’Reilly said on 7/14/10 that if the NAACP leader thinks there is no racism in his own organization, “he is insane!”

The NAACP is voting to condemn the so-called “Tea Party” as being racist. They apparently didn’t see the appropriate quota of colored people demonstrating to consider Tea Partiers as anything other than racist.

I’m so fed up and sick and tired of these whining little cry babies always screaming that everyone does everything only because of the color of someone’s skin. It’s bull. It’s liber-Bull. And furthermore, for a racist group itself, like the NAACP, to accuse another organization of being racist is beyond laughable.

Fox Pic: NAACP prepares for Racist Vote Against Patriotic Tea Partiers

The nature of its very name, National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People, is racist. Why have a group just to advance people of one certain skin color? Certainly a group formed to advance the needs of white people would be racist. The answer the left always gives comes from the King of Poverty, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. He says black people simply cannot be racist. In his weak and “poor me” mind, he says the mean ol’ white folk have been so awful to black people for so long, it’s simply not possible for blacks to be racist. What a bunch of crap!

So now they want to vote to condemn the Tea Party. Let them do it. The NAACP is just a joke and their vote will only further inflame racial tensions and encourage more people to stand up and be counted as Tea Party activists! This will backfire big time.

Can anyone at the NAACP explain how it is racist to want smaller government, term limits and lower taxes? No, they can’t. Because unlike liberals, conservatives don’t waste time with a person’s skin color. We actually stand for things. We believe in people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Hmmm… didn’t one of Jesse’s friends say something like that? Jesse Jackson Sr. is a disgrace to the memory and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I don’t like Barack Obama or Michael Steele. Here’s the dirty little secret: it doesn’t have anything to do with their skin color! I DO LIKE Conservative American J.C. Watts, and Conservative American Ken Blackwell. And guess what? That also has nothing to do with their freaking skin color! They could be purple and I wouldn’t care.

The liberal hypocrites at the NAACP are always and only focused on a person’s skin color. Shame on them. That is against what Dr. King taught. They should do us all a favor and disband. Maybe ACORN can swallow them up. And, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of all these liberal “Black Student Unions” at colleges and universities around the nation. That’s as racist as you can get! You have to be black to join and, the dirty secret is, you have to be a black LIBERAL to join. Can you imagine a whites-only student union?

Anyone black at a tea party is certified as not black enough for the NAACP.

And if you want to really stir the pot, the racist hypocrites at the NAACP are proud to tout the achievements of a man they call the “first black” President of the United States. What?! Can anyone tell me how Barack Obama is BLACK ENOUGH for the NAACP? How do they call him BLACK when he has a white mother and white grandparents?! They can’t even be honest and tout him as the first bi-racial, or half-black President. He’s no more black than he is white. Just because, as he outline in his book, he woke up one day and decided to be black… that he fit in better with them… doesn’t mean somehow his white heritage is erased.

The only thing the NAACP likes more than their racist attention to a person’s skin color is their belief in the Socialist-Democrat-Worker’s Party. The NAACP is a joke. The group is so stupid, they don’t realize some of those condemned Tea Partiers (does the NAACP want to maybe burn tea cups in their front lawns?) are DEMOCRATS, some are independents (who elected Barack) and some are Republicans. Tea partiers are NOT all Conservatives, as I have pointed out for months. Tea partiers basically don’t like any incumbents, regardless of party, because the government is too dang big and taxes us way too much. Neither of those things have anything to do with race. The NAACP knows that. This is just a move to intimidate blacks and frighten them away from tea parties. No black Tea Partiers need apply!

Tea partiers believe in liberty and freedom and are willing to fight for those things while clinging to their guns and their God. It’s that same kind of person that achieved the freedom of all people in this country and eventually taught us not to judge based on skin color.

So when in the holy freaking crapola will the NAACP wake up and realize it is wrong to be racist? Hmmmmmm?

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